Monday, April 22, 2013

BOT April: last week was a success!

This past week I've done really well!! I've worked out more, ate better, and drank a LOAD of water everyday.  I even ran on Sunday with my hubs :)

We did w1d1 c25k because I signed us up for a 5k in June. So hubs is joining in!!! Our neighborhood has some inclines in it, so that part kind of sucked...but I love that feeling when I finish, and it was fun to run with BJ!

I worked out 3 times this past week and stayed under my calories most days. I think all days, but I won't say that's a fact. I didn't track the wine/fruit/cheese/spinach dip I ate while getting a pedicure on Tuesday...but I still had like 800 calories left when I got I don't think I went over too much.

Griffin weekend recap:
I tried bud light's Strawberrita and it was real good. I'll be having some next weekend for sure. Jeff photobombed. Adorable.

I made baked chimichangas on Saturday (and forgot to take a picture, but they were yum) and some pasta Sunday with bruschetta--both were way yummy. Took a picture of the pasta--
Seems like the "cheat meals" I plan for the weekend still end up being pretty healthy because I automatically buy the better food to make it with. It's a good habit to have I guess!

I alsodiscovered that silk light chocolate milk is yummy.

We rearranged/redecorated the guest room on Sunday and Jeff now has the perfect place to monitor the front yard/street. He flipped out as soon as he saw a car go by (it was a cop, maybe Jeff's on the most wanted list? Jk jk)

And just for laughs: I got gas in the small town I work in today, and this sign was taped to the pump.

So I hit it hard.

Later y'all!
Posting my actual weigh in this Wednesday for WIW!! Be nosey and come back to look!!

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