Friday, April 12, 2013

A Day in the Life

I wake up between 6:50 and 7:00. To wake my sleepy head up I check Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook.

I get out of bed and put on my khakis and whatever uniform shirt is clean. It sucks wearing a uniform when I see all my MLFC friends wearing cute outfits to work.

I dry shampoo my hair and brush it out, and put on a little make up. I don’t wear much to work. Just powder, mascara and blush. And chapstick.

I go into the kitchen and get coffee in a to go cup and grab a lunch that I packed the night before or a frozen meal from the freezer. I take a prenatal gummy vitamin. Breakfast is usually a Jimmy Dean light breakfast sandwich (turkey sausage on English muffin), Clif bar (white chocolate macadamia) or most likely a Luna bar (peanut butter and chocolate).
Jar of Clif/Luna bars stays on the counter

I leave at 7:20. [yeah, I get ready in a blur] And I eat breakfast in the car on the way to work. I have a 40 minute commute on a highway to a town in the middle of nowhere. It doesn’t have a stop light or a McDonalds. My grandma lives here, and my parents grew up here, and I spent a lot of time here as a child. That’s probably the only reason I’ve stayed here so long (and the fact that the job market sucks).

I get to work at 7:59 usually.  I get my stuff in the freezer/fridge and get settled in at my desk.
I have an hour for lunch between 12-1. If it’s rainy and gross outside I stay here, and eat at my desk or in the research library. Otherwise I go to my grandma’s house. That has its pros and cons.

I get back to work and usually refill my water cup I keep at my desk. Before I leave I refill the water filter pitcher in the fridge so that tomorrow I’ll have good cold water.

I get off work at 5:00 and drive back home. I am usually in my driveway at 5:40. BJ works until 10:00 p.m. so he’s not home. It’s just me and the dog.

I immediately change clothes, either into pj’s or workout clothes. I take Jeffery (our dog) out and feed him supper. If I work out, I do it now. Then I get whatever I’m going to eat for dinner going and clean up around the house. That usually involves just straightening up or doing dishes and laundry. Our house stays looking pretty nice, because we’re not really home to mess it up. Laundry is something I have to think about every night, because between my uniform and BJ’s scrubs laundry is a must do during the week.
Food bag and purse ready to go, and
keys on the table next to them!

I get the coffee maker ready to delay brew in the morning. I set out a travel mug for me, and if BJ has school the next day I set out one for him or a plain coffee mug if he gets to have the morning at home. I set out my clothes—EVERYTHING—socks, bra, panties, pants, uniform shirt, tshirt, shoes, so I don’t have to think in the morning. I’m not a morning person. That’s why I get ready in 15-20 minutes.

Delay brew! Lifesaver.

I usually make sure BJ has a lunch packed for the next day, because between school and work he doesn’t have a lot of time to deal with it. If I forget and I’m too tired it’s ok, he eats at the hospital for dinner or has time to get something between class and work for lunch. It just saves $$ when I can do that.

While I’m cleaning or dealing with lunches and coffee prep I’ll make sure the TV is on so the house isn’t too quiet. Jeff randomly whines when the hound dog next door decides to holler and I repeatedly let him in and out from our deck (it has a gate so he can go out there and chill). When I feel like the house is in good shape and I’m worn the eff out, I’ll sit down and watch something on the DVR or read on my nook. Sometimes (usually) I do this and wait up for BJ to get home. He has a 40 minute commute too so he gets home around 10:40. Sometimes I pass out way before that and I don’t get to talk to him. Or see him. Yep. As I typed that I was reminded about how sad that really is. Sometimes all of our conversations are through text during the day unless I can wait up for him. But it makes getting up really suck for me, so I do it until I just can’t anymore. When I start feeling like crap from staying up every night there will be a week where I go to sleep like a normal working adult and we just won’t talk or see each other. THAT WILL END MAY 9. WAHOOOO!!!

So then I sleep and do the whole thing over the next day. I work Tuesday-Saturday usually. So I try to grocery shop on Mondays and get ahead on house work and errands. Sunday is spent with my hubs on the couch. Usually I make a real breakfast that day because we’re home together.
We watch some food network shows Sunday nights, and The Walking Dead (it’s not on right now though). Lately we’ve been ordering a pizza on Sundays, but sometimes I cook. We drink. We sit in the same room as each other, and that is exciting.

You can see from our schedule that we don’t have a lot of time together, so when we are home together we usually hang out alone. Because our time that we DO get is valuable. Priceless. So we aren’t very social. Once BJ’s schedule changes and he’s home with me every night during the week, I think that will change.

There you have it folks. A day in the life of Samantha. Mundane, routine, kind of lonely.

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