Tuesday, April 30, 2013

blood pressure and stuff

I went to my parents house on Monday and used my dad's blood pressure checker (he got one after he had a quadruple bypass surgery in 2008) and I'm happy to report my blood pressure is basically perfect. Is yours? Maybe you should have it checked.  I haven't had mine checked since last May, so maybe it's time for me to schedule another physical. 

This is my latest smoothie fave: 

One scoop of this banana protein powder (that my first boss sent me to try) with some leftover cold coffee and some light chocolate soy milk. This powder is 106 calories per scoop.

It's way yummy. I plan on buying some of that protein powder sometime soon. It blends up so smooth and there's no strange aftertaste. So happy she was generous enough to share with me so that I didn't have to risk buying a jar and hating it!! 

Tomorrow I'm trying the chocolate truffle flavor she sent me. It's a different brand called Syntrax Nectar Sweets (whey protein isolate). It's 100 calories per scoop.

So I hung a dry erase board in my kitchen. 

I really like having it there so far, I just have to get used to seeing it in there. It has been startling me.
It's got a grocery list written on it and then my workout calendar for May is up there too [more on that in tomorrow's WIW post].  And me and the hub's C25K chart is up there too. 

Handy handy. 

Got a new magazine subscription because BJ's cousin was selling some for a school fundraiser. I was so excited when this came, I love getting magazines in the mail. 

That's all for this random-fun-filled-late-night Tuesday post. Don't forget, tomorrow is Weigh in Wednesday!!! 

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Monday, April 29, 2013

Last Back on Track April post and lots of foodie pics

I just typed a super long post and the blogger app deleted everything except the pictures when I uploaded it. 
alsdkgh ;aohrg;uahergdfgnaierbn'aierbn
Just had to tell someone. 

Happy Monday players! I'm off work today, but I have plenty to do. I'll be going to my grandma's house to clean for her first. Then I'll be going to my parents house to pick up some supplies I need to make some birthday cakes for this weekend. Then I'll drive an hour back home and deal with packing lunches for this week. I need to do L1D7 of the 30DS too at some point. BLAH. Long day. 

This is the last Monday in April, and that means the Back on Track April is coming to an end. I would say that it has been a success though!

Weekend wrap up. 
Friday I was at a school field trip event and was on my feet playing washers with 5th-6th graders, and I burned around 1200 calories. Seriously. Check my instagram--I took a photo of my HRM at the end of the day. 

Friday night was my father-in-laws bday dinner at a Mexican place...which I would normally be pumped about...but let's just say the quality of their meat caused me to not eat much.  The Dos Equis amber was good though, so there's that. So happy BJ had Friday off so I got to see him an extra night!! 

Saturday me and Beej did C25K W1D2. It was a great run. The sun was behind a thick layer of clouds and it was breezy. We both enjoyed it, and I really liked having someone to run with. I felt great afterwards and I never really got winded or tired. We probably could've kept going! But we had places to be, so we hit the showers. {Literally. There are 2 showers in the master bath so he has his, and I have mine, ha.}

Saturday night we got ready to go to a pizza place in Little Rock to meet BJ's future classmates. He wasn't nervous, but this picture would make you think he was. 

I laugh every time I look at it. Can't get him to be serious in front of a camera. Ever. 

We got home a lot later than we meant to I think. We had a good time though--the pizza was amazing. We shared  the 'victory garden' pizza that had broccoli, peppers, asparagus and cheese. So grateful I'm not married to one of those men that HAS TO HAVE MEAT AT EVERY MEAL. Like my dad. ha. None of the other boy classmates came to this dinner, so BJ was the only "male" student that came. ....Yep. 

When we finally got home I remembered I wanted to take a photo of myself for BJ to put on the blog. I hear readers like to see who is talking. So BJ took a few photos, and I guess I didn't realize when he started actually taking photos ...because I sure was going on about something in a few of them. Those silly photos will be at the bottom of this post, and no I wasn't drunk.

Here's one I took of myself though. I'm not real photogenic so when I get a photo that looks okay, I get real excited. It's also nice that I don't have a chunk face anymore. It's easier to get better photos when your face isn't a chunk.

That's me! 

Sunday we slept in late and hung around the house all day. My favorite kind of day. Then we did C25K W1D3 late in the afternoon, like around 6:30 in the last hour of sunlight. It was breezy and pretty, and BJ KILLED IT. Like, I was a little put out with how fast those long legs could take him. We stayed close ish together during the walks, and he ran a few strides ahead of me during the runs. 
But for the last one he just decided to sprint it. 
Here he is murdering the last 60 second run.

Can you even see him?? Exactly. 

So, do y'all know what all those workouts mean?? It means that I worked out 5 times last week, with one official rest day and one day where I burned 1200 calories at work. I would say that this back on track project has been a complete success. It feels good to be working out again. 

On to the food. I know that's the real reason you're here. You ain't gotta lie to kick it. 

Bacon Avocado Pasta

BJ said this was the best thing he'd ever eaten. He said there might be a "foodgasm." I agreed..it was so good. 

Bow tie pasta 
6-8 slices center cut bacon 
1-2 avocado
Cherry tomatoes 
Basil (fresh or dried works)
1 tbsp Olive oil
2 tbsp Lemon juice 
2 cloves garlic
Shaved parmesan 

Cook the pasta according to the box directions. I used Barilla [with extra fiber] bow tie pasta--about half a box. Cook the bacon, drain and crumble it. Cut the cherry tomatoes in half. Cube an avocado. Mince the garlic.In a bowl, combine everything (the tomatoes, avocado, bacon, lemon juice, parmesan, garlic, basil, olive oil) and toss to coat-- you gotta make sure the avocado is coated or it'll turn brown. Top with extra shaved cheese and season with salt/pepper to your liking. Then eat it. 

Slow Cooker Steel Cut Oats 
We had this Sunday morning. I love waking up and having breakfast already ready to eat. And I love the crock pot liner I use when I make these, because there's no clean up. Ain't nobody got time to scrub. 

This time I decided to cook them plain and add toppings in the morning. 
It was way yummy.

Steel cut oats 
Slow cooker 
Slow cooker liner --USE THIS. Otherwise, too messy.
And toppings: anything you want really, I used bananas, peanut butter and honey.

Put a slow cooker liner in your slow cooker.
Look at the directions on the back of the oats container. I used Quaker Oats brand and it calls for 1 cup oats/4 cups water. So I measured that out and dumped it into the slow cooker. I stirred it around, and then I turned it on low, and went to bed. 
[If you plan on sleeping in, you may want to turn your slow cooker to "keep warm" instead of low so the oats don't cook too long.]
Cook for 6-8 hours. Wake up, stir the oats. Put some in a bowl, top it with some yummy stuff, and then eat it. I topped mine with a banana, honey and natural peanut butter. 

You can also add in apple slices, some dried cranberries, cinnamon, etc. before the oats cook so that you have soft apples/fruit/seasoning in your oats. You can basically pair anything with this. Dried apricots, raisins. Or add fresh fruit to your bowl right before you eat. 

Taco Pizza

I made this on Saturday after our run. It was pretty tasty! 

Pillsbury pizza dough (whole wheat)
refried beans (I bought vegetarian)
1 lb ground beef
taco seasoning
2 cups cheese (cheddar/mexican blend)
Toppings: tomatoes, green onions, black olives, jalapenos, sour cream, salsa. 

Bake the crust according to package directions.
Cook the ground beef with the taco seasoning according to packet directions
Top the baked crust with refried beans that have been warmed up a little in the microwave 
Top the beans with the beef
Add the cheese
Pop back in the oven until the cheese melts 
Cut it, add your toppings and eat it. 

The food I've been making on the weekends has kept us from eating out like we normally would. I mean, this weekend we went out twice for 'events' but it has been awhile since we've gone out or even ordered a pizza. It's a good thing. 

Lastly, we are to the photos BJ took of me. Enjoy.  

That last picture sums up how I feel about Mondays.
Later guys!! 

Friday, April 26, 2013

Everybodys workin for the weekend

Mornin' y'all!
Today is a real Friday for me!! Actually, This girl has a beloved three day weekend ahead of her.

Big plans this weekend too!!!

Friday night we're going out to eat with my sibling in-laws for my father in laws 50th birthday. Mexican, yummmmers. I made him some cupcakes. I tried the icing before I decorated them, but didn't eat a cupcake.
Saturday me and BJ are (going to run) getting to meet some of his future PA school classmates at a meet and greet type thing in Little Rock. Pizza and beer, holla!

Sunday we don't have ANYTHING to do and I'm looking forward to it.

And Monday when I'm off work I'm going to go clean my grandmas house for her. Because I'm an amazing granddaughter. And because she pays me. (She says she'd rather have me do it than have a stranger in her house...love that woman).

Just wanted to pop in to share my weekend plans and some photos!

This weekend I plan on making two new Pinterest recipes. I'll try and remember to snap photos of the actual results.

My boss from my first job I had at 15 sent me some stuff to try in the mail. We still keep in touch. I love her! And I miss her. She moved 4 hours away from me.

Anyway. She sent me some grape spark (love it), an advocare shake, and some banana and chocolate protein powders to try. I'm so pumped!

Lastly, sneak peak into May: I have made some huge challenging plans. I am slightly terrified. I am worried it'll be so hard that I'll want to give up. But with a 5k coming up and the deep desire to get my weight loss going again I think I can do it. More deets to come soon.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Weigh in Wednesday: Starbucks and Fish Oil

It's that time of week again! WIW! Check out the link up host Erin at www.shesabigstar.com and the co-host Alex at www.skinnyjeanpilgrimage.blogspot.com.

Let's get to it.

I weighed in at 157.8 this morning. Sunday I weighed 156.0 though, so I believe the shred is working its muscle magic. Either way, that's way better than the 160-161 I left off at last month before I hid the scale.

Speaking of the shred, I'm halfway through level one! That means level one isn't as hard now as it was at the beginning. I'm so ready to move on to level two though, because hearing Jillian say the same thing over and over is getting crazy annoying.

what I used to get...

So.... I went to Starbucks yesterday and got a skinny iced caramel latte. It was really low in calories (I use their app to get the nutrition info..that's where the screen shot above came from) and so I decided to look at the calorie count for what I used to get back in college/grad school---a venti iced white chocolate mocha.

That thing had friggin 610 calories in it. WHAT THE HELL. (....they are SO good) BUT STILL. What the hell? I was basically paying my local starby's rent/light bill with how much $$$ I was throwing at them. I was drinking those daily. If I was writing a paper or studying for an exam sometimes I would have two--one in the am and one in the pm when I was headed home to study--with extra shots of espresso.

But of course, the extra espresso wasn't the real problem. The syrup, sugar, whipped cream and 2% milk was the problem. That goes to show how oblivious I was to what I was consuming. That's just ridiculous, money and calorie wise. Come on Samantha! So smart but so dumb sometimes. No wonder I gained 20-30 lbs in late college/grad school.

Lately, I've been making a smoothie after I workout. And I have to say its pretty awesome ...and way better for you than a venti iced white chocolate mocha.

One banana
8 oz light chocolate almond milk
A little leftover coffee
2-3 ice cubes

I break the banana in chunks and put all the ingredients in my magic bullet cup. Blend it until the ice is blended in well. Then I pour it into a real cup and drink up!

I've been putting less coffee in lately because I realized I was wired for while after drinking it. I keep leftover coffee in a hot & sour soup takeout container because it has a lid and I don't care if the coffee stains it.

This smoothie is way easier for me to drink than one with lots of frozen ingredients. It's cold and creamy but not frosty--I love it!! And it's real low in calories. Under 200 depending on what kind of chocolate milk... and how big of a banana you have. Ha.

Lastly, I heard a rumor if you store your fish oil pills in the freezer that the aftertaste thing won't happen. I tried it, and although they look freaky it's true.

left: normal, right: frozen

My dr told me to take them last year after I had a physical and my blood work wasn't perfect. I had high triglycerides. I didn't buy the expensive ones that have a coating to prevent aftertaste, because I couldn't bring myself to do it. So I ended up with a twin pack of huge bottles that I didn't like to take. Since I didn't like them, I quit after my lipid panel came back fine at my follow up appointment. It's probably best I keep taking them due to my family history of heart problems though, so it seems the freezer is my solution.

Besides fish oil, I take a prenatal gummy vitamin. Those are way easy to take because they're like candy.

Monday, April 22, 2013

BOT April: last week was a success!

This past week I've done really well!! I've worked out more, ate better, and drank a LOAD of water everyday.  I even ran on Sunday with my hubs :)

We did w1d1 c25k because I signed us up for a 5k in June. So hubs is joining in!!! Our neighborhood has some inclines in it, so that part kind of sucked...but I love that feeling when I finish, and it was fun to run with BJ!

I worked out 3 times this past week and stayed under my calories most days. I think all days, but I won't say that's a fact. I didn't track the wine/fruit/cheese/spinach dip I ate while getting a pedicure on Tuesday...but I still had like 800 calories left when I got there...so I don't think I went over too much.

Griffin weekend recap:
I tried bud light's Strawberrita and it was real good. I'll be having some next weekend for sure. Jeff photobombed. Adorable.

I made baked chimichangas on Saturday (and forgot to take a picture, but they were yum) and some pasta Sunday with bruschetta--both were way yummy. Took a picture of the pasta--
Seems like the "cheat meals" I plan for the weekend still end up being pretty healthy because I automatically buy the better food to make it with. It's a good habit to have I guess!

I alsodiscovered that silk light chocolate milk is yummy.

We rearranged/redecorated the guest room on Sunday and Jeff now has the perfect place to monitor the front yard/street. He flipped out as soon as he saw a car go by (it was a cop, maybe Jeff's on the most wanted list? Jk jk)

And just for laughs: I got gas in the small town I work in today, and this sign was taped to the pump.

So I hit it hard.

Later y'all!
Posting my actual weigh in this Wednesday for WIW!! Be nosey and come back to look!!

Friday, April 19, 2013

my experience with generic Seasonale

This post obviously talks about my experience with having a period while on generic Seasonale. There’s your warning.
Last July, I decided I wanted to switch birth control pills. I wasn’t ‘unhappy’ with what I was on, but I wanted to try one of those where you have your period every three months. So at my annual, when she asked me if I was still liking my pills, I said yes but I think I’d like to try Seasonale or something similar. She was enthusiastic, said ok, and wrote me an Rx for the generic. I made sure she thought that was a good idea for me, she said yes, and I was looking forward to only having a period every 3 months. And of course, only refilling an Rx every 3 months.

She warned me there would be some spotting at first, but not to get discouraged.
First pack of pills, I had my period every month like I was supposed to even though I was on these pills. That was okay, it was the first pack, and I expected that. That was August-October.
The second pack of pills was worse. October-January. I spotted on and off, and when it actually came time for my period it was so awful—as bad as it was when I was a pre-teen—which was the reason my parents started me on birth control in the first place. I got sick to my stomach, cramps that make my whole body stay tense, and more blood than a girl should have to deal with.
February-April, third pack of pills. February started out fine, after the hell of a period I had just gone through at the end of January. So, so far there’s been 6 months of hell, after only wanting hell every three months. I was about to just give in. The gyno nurse calls me to give me the results of my latest pap (I had to go every three months after I had a colposcopy…that’s another post) and so I asked her about it. She acted like that was normal.
I guess having to buy 3x the amount of tampons/pads/panty liners, worrying about randomly starting your period and messing up your cute new VS panties, having cramps on and off all month even when you weren’t spotting, and feeling like you have to warn your husband what’s going on before anything fun happens (lucky for me it’s NBD) <---------------- all of that must be normal and what EVERYONE who has been on this pill for 6 months has said. If that’s really the case, I don’t see how that shit sells.
Well, then March happened. I started my period March 2, right before me and BJ’s 2 year anniversary B&B getaway. Eff.
Speed forward to March 23, and I’m still on my period. Granted it had been on/off daily, but it was definitely 3 weeks of dealing with a period. I hadn’t thought about how long it had been because I was so used to spotting/having random periods. It was BJ that noticed.  3 constant weeks of dealing with that crap. Thankfully, it eased up for a week or two at the end of March/early April. I called my gyno nurse and requested to be put on whatever I was on before I switched. After NINE MONTHS of waiting for it to get better, I had finally had enough.
I took my last pill last Saturday --April 13. Then all hell broke loose. I started the worst period of my post-teen life. The amount of blood loss was startling. BJ is pretty sure at this point I’m anemic. After all of March’s period fiasco and now this, I’ve been consistently losing blood. Obviously nothing life threatening, but not normal either. It was enough to make me feel like hell. No energy, always cramping, stomach issues. With all these symptoms, especially how weak I’ve felt lately, and with the MONTHS I’ve been dealing with a period—I believe him. I've been trying to ignore it, thinking if I could just get through the next pack, or the next pack, it'd be great. Smooth sailing.
That obviously didn't get to happen. I AM DONE. I HAVE HAD IT. Enough already, GEEZ.
Thank god I have a pack of regular birth control pills waiting on me to start on Sunday, or I’d be flipping out.
In short, I wasted nine months of my life being on a constant watch for my period and battling the worst cramps and mood swings I’ve had since I was 14-15 years old. Think long and hard before you try to make a change like that. It doesn’t work for everyone. Even if the next pack would’ve worked like a charm I don’t think I’d be able to keep going to find out.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

WIW again! GNO and Fake Bake.

My heart breaks for the people injured in Boston, the families who are worried sick about their injured family members, and for the people who lost someone. What was supposed to be a memorable day, turned memorable for all the wrong reasons, tragic reasons... and I can't imagine what those people are going through. You're in my thoughts, Boston.  

On to WIW.

Check out the host of this link up, Erin, at www.shesabigstar.com and the co-host Alex at www.skinnyjeanpilgrimage.blogspot.com
If you've got a blog, link up!

Wellll if you read my last post that I published Monday, but didn't go up until today because I HATE THE BLOGGER APP, then you know I'm not doing an official weigh in until NEXT Wednesday.

When I aimed for April 17 to weigh in after a break from the scale, I didn't realize it was going to be TOM. So. In efforts to not let myself be disappointed by bloated numbers (ha ha) I'm waiting for next weeks WIW to weigh in. I'm hoping to be around 155-156. We shall see!!

I did day 3 level 1 of 30DS yesterday. I even did it in the morning because I knew I was getting a pedicure with my two bff's last night and I would probably end up skipping it if I didn't do it early.

My thighs are sore today. Which is a good thing. I could stand a little more muscle there (and a lot less jiggle).

If anyone wants to jump on the 30DS bandwagon with me, do it! I'm only on day 3 level 1 like I said, so there's plenty of time to catch up.

Love (hate) me some shred!!!

...Speaking of pedicures. I had so much fun last night. I met these two girls in 2008 when I started working at an art gallery. They were my coworkers and became my best friends. I love it when we can all find time to hang out. Especially since BJ is still on the night shift!

I got hot pink toes and I got my eyebrows waxed. I came home and painted my nails and worked on my tan.

I'm starting to fake bake this week. Normally I do my whole body at once but I was TIRED last night. Then I realized I didn't have to do it all at once. And so I didn't. I just did my stomach chest and neck (all covered by my clothes except my neck) last night, and tonight I'll do my arms/face. Last I'll do my legs. Which is my least favorite part to fake tan, because of my knees and heels. I get so nervous!

My new shower head made washing it off this the morning way easy since it can be used as a handheld thing. I didn't get my hair wet!! It was great.

I use fake bake flawless. It's a spray that you rub in with a mitt (included when you buy it). I got mine off amazon for like $16 or something. It's the best I've found.

I worked in cosmetics as a teenager and messed around with tanning beds and self tanners---fake bake is the best brand I've found. Back then there was only this gloppy cream you had to rub on and sleep in, so I'm grateful for a light spray. You cant feel it on your skin and its easier to apply. (Just watch drips on the floor and overspray on furniture around you) It leaves a brown color, with no hint of any orange-ness.

And no one paid me to say this. I sure wish they did, but I'm not really famous y'all.

Check back Friday for information on the birth control pill from hell. Laters!!

BOT April

[I need y'all to know I published this on Monday 4/15/13 but the Blogger app failed to work, so it's just now going up. Sorry guys. I only THOUGHT I was on top of things. Thanks again, blogger app]

Things have been going well y'all! I worked out three times last week! Two outside walk/jogs and one 30DS workout. I also stayed under my calories during the week.

Over the weekend I planned on working out once, but I ended up cleaning the house for like 3 hours and decided to count that as a workout. Because by cleaning I mean regular cleaning plus cleaning out closets---goodwill donation pile style.

Today I'm working on getting the museums collection (where I work) into a collection management software. We're closed, so I don't have to worry about people or phones. Soooo I've already got my workout clothes on and I plan on doing 100 wall push ups today spread out between bathroom breaks. We'll see if I can keep count. That's usually where my problem lies. Counting.

I'll probably do 30DS when I get home. Because I've got some events coming up in the next few months that I'd rather not looks like a chunk at.

Yes I ended that sentence with 'at,' what ya gonna do?

Lastly, I will not being posting my weigh in number this week as planned for WIW ...because I evidently didn't plan it very well. It's TOM and so it won't be realistic. So I'm not going to post it like that's an official weigh in after a month off. I know the suspense is killing you.

All pictures are at the bottom of this post because the blogger app sucks.

Speaking of which. Follow me on tumblr at www.samsmithgriffin.tumblr.com

Picture explanations:

I made a "light" buffalo chicken pizza on Sunday. Wheat crust. Light sour cream mixed with ranch seasoning for the sauce, rotisserie breast meat with franks and 'I can't believe it's not butter' spray. Mozzarella and some scallions. Poured some extra franks on top after it baked. Yum.

And I went down a size in bras. My left (larger) boob wanted to protest, because its the bigger of the pair and swears it needs more room, but it went into the D bra after some adjusting. My right boob (the favorite of the pair) is a perfect D now. Thank goodness. I hope by the time I'm at goal that they're BOTH down to a C. I'd be a happy gal! (Ya hear that leftie? Get with the program.)

I'm going to have to post about my birth control fiasco soon. No I'm not pregnant.

Thanks for reeeaaaaaadingggg my lovely visitors!!! Y'all make my day better.

Friday, April 12, 2013

A Day in the Life

I wake up between 6:50 and 7:00. To wake my sleepy head up I check Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook.

I get out of bed and put on my khakis and whatever uniform shirt is clean. It sucks wearing a uniform when I see all my MLFC friends wearing cute outfits to work.

I dry shampoo my hair and brush it out, and put on a little make up. I don’t wear much to work. Just powder, mascara and blush. And chapstick.

I go into the kitchen and get coffee in a to go cup and grab a lunch that I packed the night before or a frozen meal from the freezer. I take a prenatal gummy vitamin. Breakfast is usually a Jimmy Dean light breakfast sandwich (turkey sausage on English muffin), Clif bar (white chocolate macadamia) or most likely a Luna bar (peanut butter and chocolate).
Jar of Clif/Luna bars stays on the counter

I leave at 7:20. [yeah, I get ready in a blur] And I eat breakfast in the car on the way to work. I have a 40 minute commute on a highway to a town in the middle of nowhere. It doesn’t have a stop light or a McDonalds. My grandma lives here, and my parents grew up here, and I spent a lot of time here as a child. That’s probably the only reason I’ve stayed here so long (and the fact that the job market sucks).

I get to work at 7:59 usually.  I get my stuff in the freezer/fridge and get settled in at my desk.
I have an hour for lunch between 12-1. If it’s rainy and gross outside I stay here, and eat at my desk or in the research library. Otherwise I go to my grandma’s house. That has its pros and cons.

I get back to work and usually refill my water cup I keep at my desk. Before I leave I refill the water filter pitcher in the fridge so that tomorrow I’ll have good cold water.

I get off work at 5:00 and drive back home. I am usually in my driveway at 5:40. BJ works until 10:00 p.m. so he’s not home. It’s just me and the dog.

I immediately change clothes, either into pj’s or workout clothes. I take Jeffery (our dog) out and feed him supper. If I work out, I do it now. Then I get whatever I’m going to eat for dinner going and clean up around the house. That usually involves just straightening up or doing dishes and laundry. Our house stays looking pretty nice, because we’re not really home to mess it up. Laundry is something I have to think about every night, because between my uniform and BJ’s scrubs laundry is a must do during the week.
Food bag and purse ready to go, and
keys on the table next to them!

I get the coffee maker ready to delay brew in the morning. I set out a travel mug for me, and if BJ has school the next day I set out one for him or a plain coffee mug if he gets to have the morning at home. I set out my clothes—EVERYTHING—socks, bra, panties, pants, uniform shirt, tshirt, shoes, so I don’t have to think in the morning. I’m not a morning person. That’s why I get ready in 15-20 minutes.

Delay brew! Lifesaver.

I usually make sure BJ has a lunch packed for the next day, because between school and work he doesn’t have a lot of time to deal with it. If I forget and I’m too tired it’s ok, he eats at the hospital for dinner or has time to get something between class and work for lunch. It just saves $$ when I can do that.

While I’m cleaning or dealing with lunches and coffee prep I’ll make sure the TV is on so the house isn’t too quiet. Jeff randomly whines when the hound dog next door decides to holler and I repeatedly let him in and out from our deck (it has a gate so he can go out there and chill). When I feel like the house is in good shape and I’m worn the eff out, I’ll sit down and watch something on the DVR or read on my nook. Sometimes (usually) I do this and wait up for BJ to get home. He has a 40 minute commute too so he gets home around 10:40. Sometimes I pass out way before that and I don’t get to talk to him. Or see him. Yep. As I typed that I was reminded about how sad that really is. Sometimes all of our conversations are through text during the day unless I can wait up for him. But it makes getting up really suck for me, so I do it until I just can’t anymore. When I start feeling like crap from staying up every night there will be a week where I go to sleep like a normal working adult and we just won’t talk or see each other. THAT WILL END MAY 9. WAHOOOO!!!

So then I sleep and do the whole thing over the next day. I work Tuesday-Saturday usually. So I try to grocery shop on Mondays and get ahead on house work and errands. Sunday is spent with my hubs on the couch. Usually I make a real breakfast that day because we’re home together.
We watch some food network shows Sunday nights, and The Walking Dead (it’s not on right now though). Lately we’ve been ordering a pizza on Sundays, but sometimes I cook. We drink. We sit in the same room as each other, and that is exciting.

You can see from our schedule that we don’t have a lot of time together, so when we are home together we usually hang out alone. Because our time that we DO get is valuable. Priceless. So we aren’t very social. Once BJ’s schedule changes and he’s home with me every night during the week, I think that will change.

There you have it folks. A day in the life of Samantha. Mundane, routine, kind of lonely.