Thursday, March 7, 2013

Vacation Week Recap

We dropped Jeff off at my parents house in Stuttgart on Sunday and then went to shop for some snacks to take to the B&B.

Monday morning BJ went to class, took a test, and then when he got home we got everything loaded up to go to Rosemont Bed & Breakfast in Little Rock, where we spent our wedding night. We stay in the Winslow Cottage, it's totally adorable. (Pictures at the end of this post, because the blogger app sucks)

Monday night we stayed in and hung out and ate our snacks and drank the wine that was waiting on us in our cottage--we got the romance package. :)

Tuesday was our actual anniversary! Love you beej.
Breakfast was brought to our front door step, and it was YUM!
We stayed around the B&B and ordered dinner so we could eat in the cottage.

Wednesday we had breakfast brought to our cottage again (just like the morning after we got married!) and we checked out around 10:30. We went home and cleaned out our walk in closet and plan on bringing the clothes to Plato's Closet to sell--do y'all have those stores where you live? Love them.

We also got two new tires put on BJ's car, and had margaritas and guacamole while they were being put on at a place next door. Then we upgraded his old as balls iPhone (he had a 3GS).

THEN we went and saw Safe Haven--and yeah Lauryn I loved her hair!!!

Thursday we redeemed a gift card for a Sam's club membership my parents got us for Christmas. And that night we picked Jefferds up from my parents place.

Friday (today) we plan on doing some stuff around the house and then later we plan on going bowling with my father-in-law.

Tomorrow we're going to Memphis so I can pretend like I live there again. I miss it, a lot. I wake up missing it. Weird, I know. I plan on stopping by all my old favorite places!! --Muddy's bake shop, lucheesi's, maybe the Godiva store, and then I'm taking Beej out to Texas de Brazil where I plan on just getting the salad bar.

And that just about wraps up our week off!!

Oh, FYI, after 2 phone interviews and 2 in person interviews I did not get that job. It was exhausting. Blah.

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Lauryn Roth said...

Aww that looks amazing!! Im glad you had a great time with your man!! Those anniversary vacations are sooo needed and I love making things into a "tradition"! Haha too funny about safe haven!! Her hair is sooo great. Im jelly. The cottage is so cute and I love the pic of you two yall look great