Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mondays are good for me.

Monday was such a good day. Other than BJ getting to work and being told he had to stay until midnight instead of when he normally leaves at 10 pm. Fock. I hate getting that news!

Even though I was off work we had to be up and about by 8 am because Beej scheduled a termite inspection to renew our contract. It was all for the best though, I got to spend some actual time with him before he went to work.

I made eggs and toast for breakfast. And gnocchi with homemade tomato sauce for lunch--BJ said it was the best sauce I'd ever made. Holla!

After he left for work I took a nap, and then dragged myself to Walmart to get some stuff I forgot to get when we went Saturday. Isn't that how it always goes? You make it home only to find out you're out of something.

Anyway. When I got back home I hung out on our deck with the pup. It was so nice outside. I can't wait until its actually warm instead of just bearable.

After it got too chilly we went inside and I watched the biggest loser finale and folded laundry.

Danni is looking dang fine isn't she!!! I'll tell ya I might've gasped when she walked out--she looked so hot! And good for her! Ever since she was the last one left on her team she's been my favorite. Because that had to suck.

So it was a great Monday. Time with the hubs, deck time, Biggest Loser finale and FINALLY a new How I Met Your Mother. I went to sleep around 10. BJ didn't make it home until 12:30 ish I think.

Can't wait for that boy to be back in school and NOT ON THE NIGHT SHIFT.

Tomorrow is WIW y'all, and it ain't gonna be good.  Today I was at 159.8. WHOA. 3.5 lbs up. Time to get a handle on this mess. I may have BJ hide the scale for awhile so that I can't obsess with it. And then start weighing again after I can consistently get back to eating and working out like I was. I mean let's be real here--we all know the scale can defeat good intentions. No reason to discourage myself until I know I'm back to where I'm doing all I can.

My food logging goal was only partially successful last week.  I would log my breakfast/snacks/lunch but then not supper (therefore probably going over my calories)...lately I've been coming home from work and doing basically nothing except eating and sleeping.

It's Tuesday and that means it's a new week for me! Hopefully I can kill it. Ima do my best!

Thanks for reading guys. I'll check in tomorrow for WIW and I'm getting to responding to your comments right now! Sorry for the delay. I've had spring fever.

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