Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Im away from my desk right now...

Hey y'all.

Have you noticed I've only been doing WIW link up posts? I'm sorry. I've also not been checking out what my blogging friends have been up to.

Just going through a funk I guess. But that's no reason to leave my online friends hanging or not give you something to read to pass time away at work.

I'll try and be a better blogger.

I promise.

I'm in Bentonville, Arkansas for a conference right now. The Arkansas Museum Association 2013 conference. I got here yesterday afternoon and today was the first day of the sessions.  It's been somewhat informative. A lot of it doesn't apply to me because the presenters in the sessions I've attended are from large museums in large cities that aren't state funded....so their events, membership, education, etc. do not relate in any way to me. (I would like it to) But with my current job at a history museum, grand cocktail parties and a membership flock of 7,000 does not mean anything to me. It only causes envy and frustration.

Speaking of frustration.

I got rejected from my third job interview today. It's only March but this year has sucked so far. It's a really awful feeling when you want to have a pity party but you're forced to be in public at a conference with people you hope will someday be your coworkers. 

So I'm back at my hotel room, and I'd rather start drinking and lounging on this killer king size bed ...but instead I have to drive a car pool of people over to dinner in thirty minutes. At least there will be a taco bar there. That's the plus side to this day. A taco bar.

I totally enjoyed dinner last night you guys. Talk about calorie overload. I had a cheeseburger on a house made brioche bun and white truffle french fries. And for dessert I had a crazy creme brulee thing that had Belgian chocolate and coffee in it.  AMAZING. 'TOTES' amazing.

Yeah, I did it. It deserved a totes.


All the ingredients used at this place come from local sources. I love it. Tusk & Trotter in Bentonville, Arkansas. They even tell you where stuff comes from if they didn't grow it themselves on a chalkboard hanging on the wall.

Anyways back to my pity party. 

I guess I'm going to continue ignoring this gaping hole of doubt that settles in the center of my stomach when I wonder why I chose art history/museum work as a career and the guilty feeling I'm starting to get when I tell my husband I got rejected, yet again, from another job that I could LOVE to have.  That's the sad thing--all three of these jobs I was excited to apply for and actually had to do with my career. And I keep having to tell my husband that I didn't get it.

Of course he's the most supportive amazing husband any girl could wish for, and he's positive that someone will swoop me up any second, and he's not in panic mode even though he quits his job in a month and a half and my job could maybe cover 3/4 of our bills.

I'm tired of looking, applying, waiting, interviewing (the most exhausting part) and waiting again, only to get a "you're really great but we've chosen someone else." Seriously. Each one of my rejection phone calls have sounded as if the person's heart is breaking having to tell me I didn't get it. I'm pretty positive I'm not imagining it. One was a voice mail and I had BJ listen to it and he thought the lady was sincere too. I just, am at a awe at the job market right now.

I also am at a loss with what I would do if it wasn't a gallery/art/museum/art history related job. I don't even know where to start looking or what to search for.

Moving on from my pity party. 

I took a selfie this morning, which I will say is pretty acceptable. I'm not very photogenic so I'm real proud when I get a picture of myself that doesn't make me look cray, bewildered, or raving mad. I don't see how girls post pictures of themselves all the time on instagram/facebook. Most of the time when I try to it turns out real dumb looking. 

Took this beaut while waiting on the car to get DE ICED. Because evidently, even though I'm still in Arkansas, IT'S COLD AS BALLS in the northern part of the state. I used a filter on Instagram, so I won't claim I walk around looking like this in real life. 

Later guys. Thanks for reading. 


Lauryn Roth said...

Ok i miss your beautiful face!! WHY am I not seeing these posts on google reader I would LOVE to know?! Anywyas you are gorgeous and God has something better planned for you my IBFF!!! How many times did Stephen King get rejected?!? Like a million...so dont loose heart my friend!!! :) That recipe looks yummy and you meanie want me to drool over that cheeseburger...and a taco bar...!!!

EmDub @ Faster In Water said...

Awe sorry to hear about the job interview. The right one WILL come along!

Samantha Griffin said...

I have been out of it lately Lauryn! I'm sorry I've been MIA. Thanks for the encouragement. Really. Just going through some crappy times.

Samantha Griffin said...

Thanks for the encouragement :) and thanks for reading!!