Monday, March 4, 2013

Flashback Engagement Photos

Me and Beej are on vacation this week...Our wedding anniversary is March 5 so we both took this week off from work.  (he's still got class MWF

Monday night and Tuesday night we're staying at the B&B where we spent our wedding night. I'm so excited! I haven't had this much uninterrupted time with him since...August I guess. Now that I've thought about it that's a little sad. Seeing that boy only on Saturday night/Sundays is getting REALLY OLD.

It'll be nice to have some time with him, and it'll also be nice to not be at my desk. Duh.

Jeff is staying at my parents house this week while we're not home. He's probably happier there than at our house. My parents have an acre of land (fenced in) as a backyard for him to run, smell/pee on stuff, and chase birds and squirrels. He doesn't really miss us when he's there. And he always comes home worn slap out.

So to celebrate our anniversary inside my little blog world I'm posting some wedding-related photos this week!!

Here's some of our engagement photos. They were taken in the fall of 2010 by a family friend.

I feel like this demonstrates our personalities....haha
This photo was used on our save the date magnets

Tomorrow I'm going to share some of my favorite wedding photos with y'all!! Flowers, cake, candy bar, my handsome hubs, the whole works.


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Lauryn Roth said...

aww you two are soo stinkin cute!!!! i love it!!! Yay for vacay at the B & B that sounds so romantic!