Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Anniversary and Wedding Photos

Happy anniversary BJ!!

My favorite bridal photo
...hangs in our bedroom

I have been married two years today, y'all. Thanks to my sister I haven't had to deal with any asshole boyfriends since December of 2009--when she introduced me to BJ!

Here's to 100 more years (or more...haha) of being Team Griffin.

And for all you guys who love photos, I've included some photos from our wedding

(taken by photographer Drew Cason, a high school friend of mine)

Getting ready!!

Getting my hair did.


One of my favorite photos of him

Waiting on me :)

Me and my dad right before walking down the aisle

This was before the ceremony when we saw each other! Yes, before.

My family

Wedding party

We're hitched!

Another favorite-- BJ with my bouquet

Ring shot

Cake table

Coffee bar detail

BJ's groom cake, made by my momma

It's the guitar I got him as a wedding gift

Candy bar

Food buffet centerpiece. MY FLORIST ROCKED.

My dad signing our photo mat :)

Two years has kind of flown by! Guess that happens when you're having fun.


Lauryn Roth said...

Aww well you did pick a great day to get married, I have to say haha! I love the pic of your hubs sitting down i think looking down with the isle behind him, that was a cool shot but my fave is you looking up at him with your arm around him!! Soo gorgeous, thanks for sharing the pics they are wonderful and Happy Anniversary!!!!

Susan Bergman said...

Just beautiful! Happy Anniversary!

Lisa said...

OMG Gorgeous!!! Happy Anniversary! <3