Wednesday, March 27, 2013

WIW: old pictures

It's WIW again y'all!
Thanks to all of you who have been following along. 

Since I had BJ hide my scale last week, and since I'm away from home anyway (see this post), I obviously won't be posting my weight today. 

What this post WILL talk about though, is this picture: 

Probably 2007

I found it on Facebook. That's me in the blue, in case you don't know what I look like.
I guess I need to get my picture put on the homepage, huh. 

I thought I was fat then. That's the sad part. 

Around the same time:

June 7, 2008. Sister's wedding. 

I can't believe my arms and face used to be that thin. And, of course, I thought I was chunky here too.

Again, thank god I darkened my hair. 

Although it was sad seeing these photos, knowing I didn't appreciate the body I had then, it's actually a little exciting. And inspiring. 2007-2008 ish were the later years of college for me. I was 21 ish. I'm just 26 now, so it's not like I'm drooling over my high school figure. I'm drooling over something that is entirely possible!

Once I STAHP feeling sorry for myself, I need to get back to it, and start killin it again. 

Now to share a little recipe me and Beej tried the other night. 

I bought this grilling basket thing from walmart for around $3. It has a matching side that hooks onto the side shown in the photo below, it's really easy to operate. 

I sliced a zucchini, brushed it with olive oil and then sprinkled on some Cavendars (Greek seasoning sold at like every grocery store on the planet). I hooked on the other side of the basket and then BJ grilled them for a few minutes.

The basket kept the slices from falling into the flames and made it to where you can flip them all at once (the handle gets a little warm, so beware!) 

They were so yummy! And took only like 10 minutes to get from slicing to eating. 

That's it for WIW you guys. I better get my ass in gear and stop eating cheeseburgers before April 17th's weigh in gets here and I gain like ten pounds. 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Im away from my desk right now...

Hey y'all.

Have you noticed I've only been doing WIW link up posts? I'm sorry. I've also not been checking out what my blogging friends have been up to.

Just going through a funk I guess. But that's no reason to leave my online friends hanging or not give you something to read to pass time away at work.

I'll try and be a better blogger.

I promise.

I'm in Bentonville, Arkansas for a conference right now. The Arkansas Museum Association 2013 conference. I got here yesterday afternoon and today was the first day of the sessions.  It's been somewhat informative. A lot of it doesn't apply to me because the presenters in the sessions I've attended are from large museums in large cities that aren't state their events, membership, education, etc. do not relate in any way to me. (I would like it to) But with my current job at a history museum, grand cocktail parties and a membership flock of 7,000 does not mean anything to me. It only causes envy and frustration.

Speaking of frustration.

I got rejected from my third job interview today. It's only March but this year has sucked so far. It's a really awful feeling when you want to have a pity party but you're forced to be in public at a conference with people you hope will someday be your coworkers. 

So I'm back at my hotel room, and I'd rather start drinking and lounging on this killer king size bed ...but instead I have to drive a car pool of people over to dinner in thirty minutes. At least there will be a taco bar there. That's the plus side to this day. A taco bar.

I totally enjoyed dinner last night you guys. Talk about calorie overload. I had a cheeseburger on a house made brioche bun and white truffle french fries. And for dessert I had a crazy creme brulee thing that had Belgian chocolate and coffee in it.  AMAZING. 'TOTES' amazing.

Yeah, I did it. It deserved a totes.


All the ingredients used at this place come from local sources. I love it. Tusk & Trotter in Bentonville, Arkansas. They even tell you where stuff comes from if they didn't grow it themselves on a chalkboard hanging on the wall.

Anyways back to my pity party. 

I guess I'm going to continue ignoring this gaping hole of doubt that settles in the center of my stomach when I wonder why I chose art history/museum work as a career and the guilty feeling I'm starting to get when I tell my husband I got rejected, yet again, from another job that I could LOVE to have.  That's the sad thing--all three of these jobs I was excited to apply for and actually had to do with my career. And I keep having to tell my husband that I didn't get it.

Of course he's the most supportive amazing husband any girl could wish for, and he's positive that someone will swoop me up any second, and he's not in panic mode even though he quits his job in a month and a half and my job could maybe cover 3/4 of our bills.

I'm tired of looking, applying, waiting, interviewing (the most exhausting part) and waiting again, only to get a "you're really great but we've chosen someone else." Seriously. Each one of my rejection phone calls have sounded as if the person's heart is breaking having to tell me I didn't get it. I'm pretty positive I'm not imagining it. One was a voice mail and I had BJ listen to it and he thought the lady was sincere too. I just, am at a awe at the job market right now.

I also am at a loss with what I would do if it wasn't a gallery/art/museum/art history related job. I don't even know where to start looking or what to search for.

Moving on from my pity party. 

I took a selfie this morning, which I will say is pretty acceptable. I'm not very photogenic so I'm real proud when I get a picture of myself that doesn't make me look cray, bewildered, or raving mad. I don't see how girls post pictures of themselves all the time on instagram/facebook. Most of the time when I try to it turns out real dumb looking. 

Took this beaut while waiting on the car to get DE ICED. Because evidently, even though I'm still in Arkansas, IT'S COLD AS BALLS in the northern part of the state. I used a filter on Instagram, so I won't claim I walk around looking like this in real life. 

Later guys. Thanks for reading. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

WIW Taking a Break

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So from the title of this post you may have guessed it. I'm taking a break.
Not from the link up, but from the scale. It must be done, or else I will demolish all of my self confidence in a quick minute.

Although I'm taking a break from weighing myself, I'm still going to post about other aspects of becoming healthier, like food {y'all know I like to post about food} or exercise. Maybe I'll do some measurements--I never have--because I always feel like I'm measuring at different spots each time and so I don't think it's very accurate.

I'm going to weigh myself again on April 17th's WIW. That gives me a month ish to break my weighing habit (I weigh myself every day, multiple times a day). I know. I annoy myself.

Let it be known my last weigh in was 159.8 so that when April 17 comes I can compare. I can hopefully get back down to the 154-155 range I was at before vacation got to me. I'm even putting this gain into my MFP --I usually don't do this-- so my little weight loss badge on the side of this blog will change. Hopefully it'll go back up to 31 lbs lost here in the next month. Time to get back to business folks.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mondays are good for me.

Monday was such a good day. Other than BJ getting to work and being told he had to stay until midnight instead of when he normally leaves at 10 pm. Fock. I hate getting that news!

Even though I was off work we had to be up and about by 8 am because Beej scheduled a termite inspection to renew our contract. It was all for the best though, I got to spend some actual time with him before he went to work.

I made eggs and toast for breakfast. And gnocchi with homemade tomato sauce for lunch--BJ said it was the best sauce I'd ever made. Holla!

After he left for work I took a nap, and then dragged myself to Walmart to get some stuff I forgot to get when we went Saturday. Isn't that how it always goes? You make it home only to find out you're out of something.

Anyway. When I got back home I hung out on our deck with the pup. It was so nice outside. I can't wait until its actually warm instead of just bearable.

After it got too chilly we went inside and I watched the biggest loser finale and folded laundry.

Danni is looking dang fine isn't she!!! I'll tell ya I might've gasped when she walked out--she looked so hot! And good for her! Ever since she was the last one left on her team she's been my favorite. Because that had to suck.

So it was a great Monday. Time with the hubs, deck time, Biggest Loser finale and FINALLY a new How I Met Your Mother. I went to sleep around 10. BJ didn't make it home until 12:30 ish I think.

Can't wait for that boy to be back in school and NOT ON THE NIGHT SHIFT.

Tomorrow is WIW y'all, and it ain't gonna be good.  Today I was at 159.8. WHOA. 3.5 lbs up. Time to get a handle on this mess. I may have BJ hide the scale for awhile so that I can't obsess with it. And then start weighing again after I can consistently get back to eating and working out like I was. I mean let's be real here--we all know the scale can defeat good intentions. No reason to discourage myself until I know I'm back to where I'm doing all I can.

My food logging goal was only partially successful last week.  I would log my breakfast/snacks/lunch but then not supper (therefore probably going over my calories)...lately I've been coming home from work and doing basically nothing except eating and sleeping.

It's Tuesday and that means it's a new week for me! Hopefully I can kill it. Ima do my best!

Thanks for reading guys. I'll check in tomorrow for WIW and I'm getting to responding to your comments right now! Sorry for the delay. I've had spring fever.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

WIW aint pretty today yall

So if you follow me on Instagram or MFP you know I haven't been watching what I eat or logging it....judging from the photos of the scrumptious food on Instagram and the notifications on MFP that said I hadn't logged in for like a week.

YEP. That happened. A whole week of what I can only describe as glorious. Just what I needed! I've been struggling lately, as you guys know, and it was nice to go back to 'normal' Samantha for a few days. I ate. I drank. We did Texas de Brazil (I only got the salad bar--but if you've been there you know that doesn't necessarily mean I ate good...there was a BOWL OF CRISPY BACON for goodness sakes. PILED HIGH).

Texas de Brazil food:

That's a shot of my plate of food...and yeah
that's a hunk of goat cheese in the front.

And I ate that goat cheese with bacon....  

The price I paid for 10 days of heaven? A two pound gain. I weighed in at 158.2 today.  Don't cry for me guys, it's okay. haha!

It was worth it honestly. I'm surprised I only gained a couple of pounds. Between the alcohol and eating out, I figured at least 5 lbs would show up to give me the finger today.

Farewell Pepperidge Farms cookies...It's back to health mode now guys.

My goal for this week is to simply log what I eat.  I'm going to try and stay under my 1400 calorie goal, but the point is to just log it. To get back into that habit. I'm going to ease back into this like I did in the first place {in May 2012} and see where that takes me.

So the plan: Monday-Friday try and stay under 1400 and log everything, Saturday-Sunday watch what I eat but don't stress over it. That's how I started out. It was a great way for me to get on track but more importantly, to not be too critical of myself. I struggle with that. My husband is probably silently agreeing/nodding his head as he reads this.

I gotta say that last Friday when me and beej were still on vacay we went for a walk/jog at the pond here in town. There's even some inclines on this path! I burned around 250 calories that counts for something right?!

Us at the pond after our walk! He is just too cute!!

Hopefully I have a better report for next week's Weigh In Wednesday. This is an ongoing thing, so if y'all wanna join up don't be shy! You don't have to post exactly what you weigh in your posts, I just choose to. Check out the link up at with Erin the host or with Alex the Co-host.

Thanks for reading guys!!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Vacation Week Recap

We dropped Jeff off at my parents house in Stuttgart on Sunday and then went to shop for some snacks to take to the B&B.

Monday morning BJ went to class, took a test, and then when he got home we got everything loaded up to go to Rosemont Bed & Breakfast in Little Rock, where we spent our wedding night. We stay in the Winslow Cottage, it's totally adorable. (Pictures at the end of this post, because the blogger app sucks)

Monday night we stayed in and hung out and ate our snacks and drank the wine that was waiting on us in our cottage--we got the romance package. :)

Tuesday was our actual anniversary! Love you beej.
Breakfast was brought to our front door step, and it was YUM!
We stayed around the B&B and ordered dinner so we could eat in the cottage.

Wednesday we had breakfast brought to our cottage again (just like the morning after we got married!) and we checked out around 10:30. We went home and cleaned out our walk in closet and plan on bringing the clothes to Plato's Closet to sell--do y'all have those stores where you live? Love them.

We also got two new tires put on BJ's car, and had margaritas and guacamole while they were being put on at a place next door. Then we upgraded his old as balls iPhone (he had a 3GS).

THEN we went and saw Safe Haven--and yeah Lauryn I loved her hair!!!

Thursday we redeemed a gift card for a Sam's club membership my parents got us for Christmas. And that night we picked Jefferds up from my parents place.

Friday (today) we plan on doing some stuff around the house and then later we plan on going bowling with my father-in-law.

Tomorrow we're going to Memphis so I can pretend like I live there again. I miss it, a lot. I wake up missing it. Weird, I know. I plan on stopping by all my old favorite places!! --Muddy's bake shop, lucheesi's, maybe the Godiva store, and then I'm taking Beej out to Texas de Brazil where I plan on just getting the salad bar.

And that just about wraps up our week off!!

Oh, FYI, after 2 phone interviews and 2 in person interviews I did not get that job. It was exhausting. Blah.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

WIW Not Happening

Hey guys.  I'm actually waking up at a B&B today, so I won't be near a scale to weigh in.

Just didn't want y'all to think I died or something.

Hope your weigh in went well though!! I'll be back at blogging on Friday, with a vacation week recap.


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Anniversary and Wedding Photos

Happy anniversary BJ!!

My favorite bridal photo
...hangs in our bedroom

I have been married two years today, y'all. Thanks to my sister I haven't had to deal with any asshole boyfriends since December of 2009--when she introduced me to BJ!

Here's to 100 more years (or more...haha) of being Team Griffin.

And for all you guys who love photos, I've included some photos from our wedding

(taken by photographer Drew Cason, a high school friend of mine)

Getting ready!!

Getting my hair did.


One of my favorite photos of him

Waiting on me :)

Me and my dad right before walking down the aisle

This was before the ceremony when we saw each other! Yes, before.

My family

Wedding party

We're hitched!

Another favorite-- BJ with my bouquet

Ring shot

Cake table

Coffee bar detail

BJ's groom cake, made by my momma

It's the guitar I got him as a wedding gift

Candy bar

Food buffet centerpiece. MY FLORIST ROCKED.

My dad signing our photo mat :)

Two years has kind of flown by! Guess that happens when you're having fun.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Flashback Engagement Photos

Me and Beej are on vacation this week...Our wedding anniversary is March 5 so we both took this week off from work.  (he's still got class MWF

Monday night and Tuesday night we're staying at the B&B where we spent our wedding night. I'm so excited! I haven't had this much uninterrupted time with him since...August I guess. Now that I've thought about it that's a little sad. Seeing that boy only on Saturday night/Sundays is getting REALLY OLD.

It'll be nice to have some time with him, and it'll also be nice to not be at my desk. Duh.

Jeff is staying at my parents house this week while we're not home. He's probably happier there than at our house. My parents have an acre of land (fenced in) as a backyard for him to run, smell/pee on stuff, and chase birds and squirrels. He doesn't really miss us when he's there. And he always comes home worn slap out.

So to celebrate our anniversary inside my little blog world I'm posting some wedding-related photos this week!!

Here's some of our engagement photos. They were taken in the fall of 2010 by a family friend.

I feel like this demonstrates our personalities....haha
This photo was used on our save the date magnets

Tomorrow I'm going to share some of my favorite wedding photos with y'all!! Flowers, cake, candy bar, my handsome hubs, the whole works.


Friday, March 1, 2013

Fake Meat Investigation.

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know I've had a little blogger project going on.

I decided I was going to try a few different Morningstar brand products to see if any of them were good enough to become regulars at my house.

I thought to do this investigation because I don't enjoy meat usually. I pick through it, discarding any of it that doesn't look 'perfect.' Sometimes if my first bite is weird I won't eat any of the rest of it, I won't even bother picking through it. I don't like fast food meat or frozen dinner meat. I will eat a good steak--either grilled at home or at a restaurant, sirloin or fillet. And I will sometimes eat chicken breast, though not much of it. Most meat usually gets transferred to my husband's plate. He's not complaining.

I EAT NOTHING ON A BONE. Or if it's got veiny looking stuff in it, chewy stuff, fat---anything at all 'wrong' I will not eat it. It makes me nauseous. 

While I'm all for the fair treatment of animals, etc., that is not why I don't like meat. I'm not a hippie who has gone vegan because I don't think animals should be sacrificed for human appetites. (I'm actually not vegan. Or even strictly vegetarian. I just....don't like most meat). I'm from the south, and here we're supposed to like our thick steaks and our fried (Tyson) chicken.

To each their own.

I also don't like fish. The flavor is too strong. I want to like it though. It just hasn't happened yet. Oh and I don't eat shrimp because of the texture....And because of the poop thing.

I simply think meat is gross most of the time. I've been this way since I was a pre-teen ish kid. I didn't cut up my first steak/chicken until I got to college. *laughter/smirks*  Because if my mom didn't cut off pieces for me from her plate I wasn't interested in eating any. I just never have had a desire to chow down on a hunk of meat. If I brown meat for tacos, I usually can't eat those tacos, because of what I just saw. BJ has to cook it. Or trim up the chicken breasts and get the nasty stuff cut off.  It's all just disgusting to me usually.

Oh side note--I'll eat bacon, if it's almost burned.

As you can tell, it's mainly gross to me because of it's appearance/texture (or in the case of fish--flavor). And the ability to make you very sick. And let us keep in mind we don't know if the animal was diseased or kept in clean facilities or hopped up on medication. Ick.

All of that ^^ is why I needed some more options.

Moving onto the experiment--mainly I wanted some new things to give me more of a variety to chose from and to replace the protein I don't get from refusing meat.  I also need something that has normal flavor, and most importantly, CORRECT TEXTURE.

Here is the stuff I tried:

Not pictured--The chicken patties (original)
Pretty sure each of these cost $3.67 per box at my Walmart. Most of the boxes contain 4 servings--that's less than a dollar per serving. Also--the average cooking time is 1 min- 1 min 30 seconds. So quick!

Only one of these products didn't make the cut. We'll get to that.

Lets start out with the box that isn't pictured--the chick patties. I googled an image to include in this mini collage. If you're wondering why it looks strange.


I tried the patties alone and on a sandwich like you see above (wheat 70 calorie bun), and both ways it was good.  Way better than the gross chicken patties my high school cafeteria served at least. I would buy these again.


I love these buffalo wings. For real. 5 nuggets are 200 calories. They're perfectly spicy. I've eaten them with chips for lunch and for dinner when I'm home I've steamed some broccoli to go with them. I dip them in light ranch. The texture is great and there's no weird veggie chunks in them to distract me.

Can't say that for these guys though:
They look innocent enough, don't they? Then I bit into one---

What is up with that (bottom right)? I guess it's just veggie chunks--but these things were dry and didn't have flavor like sausage would and I didn't even finish them. Even if they are 80 calories, it wasn't worth it. 

They MIGHT be better on some type of bread (toast/biscuit) with jelly on it to sort of add a different flavor and some moisture--but I didn't have time fo' dat! Maybe on a weekend I could try that. But after I have a bad experience with something, it doesn't matter if there's still some left in my cabinet/fridge-- I ain't going to do that to myself again. Ha!

Now that we're past the FAIL, lets move on to some burger options.

Grillers original flavor were tasty!

Obviously they don't look like the picture...but what does. I had one Wednesday for lunch with lettuce, fat-free cheese and mustard on a 70 calorie wheat bun. It filled me up! I've also tried this, without any bread. I put some pasta sauce on top of the patty instead of eating it like a burger on bread. As a side I had some roasted zucchini with it. It was sort of a last minute meal thrown together, and it was actually pretty tasty!

I would buy these again for sure. I'm curious about the other flavors though, so I might wait until I've tried a few different flavors to buy more of the original kind.

Last of the fake meat: Spicy Black Bean Burger.

I love these guys. BJ loved them too (he ate one as a regular burger). I tried mine crumbled in a taco salad (minus the chips) and it was really good--recipe here! The picture on the bottom right is where I had it with some pasta salad. I ended up not eating the bread, and just dipping the burger in the salsa. It was really good! It crumbles really easy. I could see using this in an actual taco--instead of having to cook a bunch of raw meat that looks like pink worms. Ha.

So happy to have found this stuff. It's affordable, not complicated to cook and I'm actually getting some protein from something other than a Clif bar. It keeps me full and I'm probably helping my cholesterol/triglycerides too.

I've seen Morningstar versions of crumbled meat, meatballs and bacon. I'll have to try all of that stuff too and see if there are any more awesome meat fake-outs.

If I've successfully grossed you out enough where meat is concerned, don't be afraid to try some of this Morningstar goodness! And just in case you were wondering, Morningstar did NOT pay me to say/try any of this stuff. I'm not that big of a deal. Yet. Jk jk.

Oh and here's a picture of my morning snack I've been having lately. This can is like 70 cents. I put it in the fridge when I get to work and then it's kinda chilled when I get hungry. The entire can is 120 calories, so that's not bad! Plus I love that it's just in 100% juice. A lot of fruit comes in that weird thick stuff, and I am not a fan. Yum!
70 ish cents!
If you've got any awesome meat fake-out suggestions PLEASE let me know by commenting or emailing me at samsmithgriffin (at) gmail (dot) com. So far I am NOT a fan of tofu, FYI.