Thursday, February 14, 2013

Team Griffin Valentines

It's been the best Valentine's Day I've ever had. And it's not because of the flowers or my thoughtful gift of new wine glasses that my husband got me...

It's because yesterday we found out that:
1. I got a second interview for that job I keep talking about and
2. BJ got accepted into PA school!!!

It was a great day for Team Griffin.

The excitement has carried over into today, so today I'm just happy.  Just smile for no reason, things are finally looking up, kind of happy.

I had a mug this big too. Granted, I couldn't finish it. ha.

Even though last night I ended up drinking a HUGE mug of shiner and splitting cheese fries AND pizza with BJ and then on top of that we had champagne and {jumbo}cupcakes when we got home from the bar...I feel no guilt. Yesterday was the kind of day we'll remember when we're old.

Lenox china/flutes, Ballatore champagne,
and local bakery cupcakes
I'd like to take a second to thank my mom for forcing me to register for china when I got married, because I see now why I would use it.

Better than any Valentine's I've ever had, and it wasn't even Valentine's.

I was so excited about my phone call, that when BJ called me with his news I seriously just cried. We have been miserable with our schedules for the past year or more.... because BJ had to switch to the night shift so that he could go to school during the day to get his prerequisite classes out of the way in order to apply. So all of this hell,  that you may remember me blogging about a few months ago, has been worth it I guess you could say. I definitely feel like we've missed out on some newlywed time at home together, but I also know that with BJ doing this, our lives and our babies lives will be better for it.

Tonight I'm making banana/nutella/strawberry wontons. I'll let you know how it goes. And I got some red velvet wine (cupcake brand--it's awesome!) to go with them. Hopefully I can stay awake until Beej gets home!!

So happy V-Day. I hope your day is just as happy as mine!!


Lauryn Roth said...

Hello my gorgeous friend!!! WOW!!! Such an awesome spread! Wine and cupcakes!!! WOOO HOO!!! And yayyyyy YAYYY on the job and good news!!!! I have seriously busted out in happy tears too so I know exactly where you are comming from!! I hope everything works out amazing for yall. And yay for china! Moms know what they are talking about!! Sounds like yall had an awesome night! Super gorgeous flowers/glasses too!!! Happy Valentines day IBFF!! haha

jonesyjl2 said...

Congratulations! Sometimes you just gotta celebrate. Sounds like you guys deserve it!

Shesabigstar said...

Yeahh, congrats on the good news... I'll keep my fingers crossed for your next interview! Glad you had a great V-Day!