Friday, February 1, 2013

FF: I dont know about you, but Im feeling 22

Maybe that's because I haven't weighed 154.8 since I was 22.
Actually probably before that. Whatever.

Also, I'm pretty sure the first time I weighed it said 154.6...but I couldn't get to my phone fast enough to get a picture--and in trying to get to my phone fast enough, I banged my head on a corner of the wall and my shin on the corner of my bottom bathroom drawer. That's what happens when you have a fancy scale that shows your weight briefly and then scrolls through which user you want to save that weight to--DOESN'T IT KNOW I NEED TO PHOTOGRAPH IT FIRST?!? 

 I'm glad my husband was sound asleep so he didn't hear all the banging around.
That's just how excited I was.

Since the picture is so blurry (another disadvantage of having a light up scale, I can NEVER really read it well....but the hubs says it looks great to him so why spend another $30 on a scale?!?)

Moving on. Here's the original picture...and then one I used an app to edit it so that the numbers would show up better.

154.8!! Ah!

Whenever I reach 150 I get to go buy some clothes! I'm so excited.  I need to keep that in mind over the weekend, so I don't ruin my progress. I'm going to attempt to run sometime this weekend, hopefully I don't talk myself out of it. Maybe since I put it on here I will for sure do it.
I had 2 avocados for dinner last night, with lime juice (from a real lime, not a plastic one) and some of the Mrs. Dash garlic & herb seasoning stuff I put on almost everything. It was so good.  The avocados were a little too firm, but still good. All the avocados that Kroger had were really hard, so I didn't have much of a choice if I was going to satisfy that craving!
And now that I'm thinking about it, some Franks woulda been real good on it. Where's Lauryn R. to tell me to use some Franks when I need her? jk jk

Thursday night dinner!

Here's some other Kroger finds:

Finally got some of my "healthy Reese's" after they restocked from the rush that occurred after my first post about them. I kid! To the right is some fruit leather stuff. Not too sure about it.

I decided to try some thinkThin bars after Megan and Brandi have been going ON and ON about them. I'm eating one for breakfast this morning, as I type this.  The creamy peanut butter flavor. They're okay...I like my usual Clif bar better. I think I could find a flavor of these that I like though, if I took the time to try a few. My Kroger only had 2 peanut butter versions and 2 chocolate versions...I've seen online that there's a kabillion flavors to try so I may have to! My white chocolate macadamia Clif bar has 21 grams of sugar and this thing has that's good I guess. HOWEVER... The thinkThin has 1g more fat, 5mg more cholesterol, and 4g less fiber, so I don't know if it's really that much better.

This happened on Wednesday night. It was amazing

This is what watched me Wednesday night while I ate that yummy pizza.

So. Kourtney K. has been posting pictures on instagram about cookie butter. I think I really need some. I don't really know what it is? But it just looks like something I'd love...and maybe it's better to eat than nutella. I'm going to have to investigate. I'm sure sales for this stuff has gone up since a Kardashian is holding it. Whatever. I don't see how it couldn't be good with the words "cookie" and "butter" on the jar.

Also, today is for real my Friday because I don't work tomorrow! So I get to hang out with my husband all day tomorrow!! Holla!! I think we're going to the horse races. He's never been.

I also have another interiew on Tuesday (different place) so hopefully something will turn up from one of these two. The waiting to hear something is the worst part, for real. I mean I was nervous going in to it, but now I'm just driving myself insane wondering what's going on and dreading the time that has to pass.  Just give it to me already, I'm perfect for it! In my opinion at least. :)

Here's to the weekend y'all! Be safe and don't ruin your weekday progress.



Kadi @ Sheer Serendipity said...

I totally agree about the think thin bars I tried creamy peanut butter and it was jsut eh definitely prefer Luna bars by a crap ton. I'll be trying some other flavors as well :)

Meg @ Fit Tone Groove Mama said...

Hello to shopping after weight loss!! Good luck on the interview:)