Thursday, February 7, 2013

Face comparison and weights

So on the left is a photo taken of me around the time when I first started my current job (March 2012). I remember making sure my eyes were "extra" open so that in the photo they wouldn't look squished. ha. That's what you gotta do when you got chunky cheeks.
This picture is on my work computer and I took a photo with my phone to make the split screen--that's why the color is a little off. 

On the right was a photo I took of myself last month (January 2013). Can I get a hallelujah for darkening my hair?  It's nice to see my neck isn't trying to swallow my face anymore. And that I have a jaw line/cheekbones.

Here are a couple of gradual comparisons collages I put together awhile back, in case you missed them. In the next couple months I plan on making full body comparisons--it's just harder to do those because I don't have a lot of full body photos. On purpose.

Moving on from photos of myself.

Yesterday was kind of a crappy day. I got an extremely nice rejection voice mail from my second choice job.  It took them ONE day to make the decision...and they went with someone who already works there. I sort of predicted this as I left my interview, but you know, you never want to hear that even if you assumed it was going to happen.... and even if it was your second choice.

As for my first choice? Still waiting to hear whether I'll be coming in for a second interview.  They don't even stop taking applications until next week, and I've already been phone interviewed and then asked to come in for a panel interview. So. I'm sure I won't hear anything else until the application deadline passes. At least one job possibility is settled so I only have one to worry myself sick over :) if only I was kidding.

Moving on. From wallowing in self pity.

I bought some weights last night! My first real set!! I used them until my arms were shaking and weak and I was worried I would drop one on my head and knock myself out, then I stopped. 

I did all the exercises I could think of, just past the point of where I thought I couldn't handle anymore reps, then I would rest for a few seconds. Most of the moves came from 30DS:

I  held onto them while I did planks, I did dumbbell rows, chest flies and shoulder presses (all from 30DS) and these things this girl in the photo below is doing (only I was on my knees), regular bicep curls and some chair dips.

It was fun because I was doing whatever I wanted to.  I could have followed the gunshowarms routine, but sometimes I get tired of things being so structured--like C25K, 30DS, etc. I think that's why I wasn't wanting to start it. I'm not in the mood to have to follow some sheet/phone app right now. Sometimes I just want to run until I can't anymore or do my own circuit stuff. So when I get restless like this, I just do whatever I want.  I'll eventually go back to the structured stuff, it's just a cycle I go through!!

So we can mark one of Samantha's promises off the list, arm routine has been started!!

I'm just a little bit sore today so I'm going to have to step it up tonight! I plan on using them with Jillian--I've only used my little 2 lb sand weights with 30DS and I think it would kill me if I used these 8 lb weights. So I'm going to do it.

On a random note, if you're looking for a body butter you should try this kind.

I seriously love it.  It smells like real strawberries, not a sugary fake strawberry smell. Really, every time I smell it I'm a little shocked at how great it smells. It rubs in real easy and isn't greasy. Unfortunately I wasn't paid to say this, I am just really picky with lotions that have a scent and figured I'd share!

I love to respond to y'alls comments, but if you don't have your comment linked with your blogger/google profile I can't reply! If that's the case, I'll start replying directly below your comment on the actual post. If you need help connecting your profile when you comment (on any blog) you can email me and I'll help you!

Only 4-5 ish more pounds until I get to treat myself to some cute new clothes!! yay!!

Thanks for reading you guys.


Halie Renee said...

Girl I'm impressed you're using those 8 pounders! When I do the 30DS, I use 3 pound ones. I have 5 pounds ones I use randomly for other moves on my own, but I might die using 8's. Good for you!! Also, your face shot comparisons are looking great. Keep up the hard work!

Lauryn Roth said...

Seriously great comparison my dear!!! I totally need to start doing weights...ugh im such a cardio queen NOT hahahah but anyways i love the body shop strawberry body wash!!! smells amazing!!

K @ Keeping Up With K... said...

I have goals where I will be treating myself to new clothes too! Its all about the rewards LOL

I nominated you for a Liebster Award. You can check it out here:

Hope you participate!

jonesyjl2 said...

The pictures show an amazing transformation. Good job!

Samantha Griffin said...

I know, it's taken me this long to focus on actual weights...I'm hoping it will help me start losing as fast as (or close to) what I was losing in the beginning. We shall see! I didn't know they made body wash!! Ima have to try it. My lotion was a Christmas gift and I haven't looked for any other products..yet. :)

Samantha Griffin said...

Thanks girl! And thanks for reading. :)