Tuesday, February 12, 2013

30DS with 8 lb weights

I've done level one of the 30DS twice with my 8 lb weights.

And I have survived.

I did have to do my reps a little slower than the example girls, but I haven't been sore like this from the shred since last summer when I first started exercising. So that's a good feeling. 

There was one part where I had to use my little 2 lb weights--the last strength segment where you're lifting your arms straight out in front of you (I don't know the fancy name for it). I could do more than 2 lbs probably, but that's the heaviest kind I have other than my new 8 lb weights. So. I had to make it work.  By then though, the very end? 2 lb still worked my muscles because they were so dang tired from everything I'd already done.

Moral of the story, I've been sore the past few days and I love it. 

I can give 30DS major credit for changing my body. I started doing this before I ever thought about running. I was walking/jogging some then, but not with the goal to "run." 

I hated Jillian. Hated. And I hated how after doing a level a few times you already know everything she's going to say and when she's going to say it. There's this one part in level one where she says "a couple more" and she literally does 6-7 more reps. That pissed me off so bad during my first go around with this DVD. A couple more in my opinion = 2.

Looking back now after a few months have passed, I see how she made me stronger and skinnier. Winning! At first, I gained weight. Probably because I was building muscle. Then I dropped weight. Like, inches.

The girl in the black was NOT happy--and that photo was taken after I'd lost a few pounds too.
I need to take some current full body photos. I'll ask my husband to do it (please babe?). 
The most current full body photo I have is (in the blue) from my 5k in November. And I've lost about 7-8 pounds since then (and I'm a lot stronger).
I mean look at the difference in my legs!! Thank goodness.

So I'm doing the shred again with my heavier weights in hopes that I'll have the same results---muscle (gain) and then lose some more inches/pounds. 

January inspired me to get my ass in gear.  I have a "Weight Record" in the back of my planner and I see from May-Christmas (2012)  I was losing 4-6 pounds a month. What did I lose in January?

One pound.

While I'm happy that's not a gain, I still could have done better. I am not "done" yet, so I don't know why I've gotten so complacent with this stuff. (by "done" I mean I'm not where I want to maintain my current weight, so I should still be trying to lose until I get to that point).

I'm measuring and counting calories for EVERYTHING again. And working out until I just want to lay down and die. Okay maybe not die. But you get the point.

My mental strategy-- it's a secret, y'all are just special enough to share it with-- is to just aim for the next lowest number on the scale.  That's all I did for the first 30 pounds.  If I weighed 164 I'd work my butt of until I saw 163. Even if it was 163.8 I'd still be thrilled. When I'm pissed on the treadmill I would just think about that next lowest number.  I competed with that, instead of focusing on the shit tons of pounds I needed to lose (because that would be depressing and make me feel like giving up). Eventually that one pound added up to thirty.

Moral of the story: drink your water, count your calories, and workout. Thirty Day Shred worked wonders for me, so if you're looking for something to try that you can do alone while shut up in a room somewhere--this is it.  It only takes like 30 minutes for Jillian to whip your ass into shape.

That's my beginner's advice for this Tuesday. And if you're not starting out, try using heavier weights with 30DS ...or any other workout routine you do. It'll work your muscles like cray!! My arms and legs are so sore. They're probably in shock too.

Tomorrow is WIW and I'm kind of looking forward to it.  I haven't weighed myself in the past few days, so I sort of have no idea what I'm in for.

Thanks for reading guys.


Lauryn Roth said...

GIRL! I sooo needed this post today!! I have the 30 day shread and i have been totally putting it off. I want to see the scale move more though, iam scared it wont if I start doing that but i know i need to do weights. LOL..and the just reaching for the next number, you know that is totally my style! I need to do that, I have sooo been concentrating on the bigger number i want to get to, I need to get back to basics!!! Ahhh i love this post you are my weight loss soul sista!! hahaha

Halie Renee said...

I'm so happy for you and proud of you for using your 8-pounders, twice! You've definitely motivated me to try it with my heavier weights. I'm using 2's right now, but I have a set of 5's so I just might give those a try! Also, I've kinda stalled at my weight loss for the last couple of weeks, but I've lost a crazy amount of inches! Like, it's hard to believe how many inches actually. But I'm attributing that to crazy Jillian and her annoying "couple more!" nonsense! (That totally drives me nuts too. Like, I get mad at her when she says mess like that...) Anyways, good for you girl!!