Wednesday, January 30, 2013

WIW I'm stressed the &(?$@ out

Between me and BJ's interviews and my car not starting when I got off work on Friday....I have been worn the hell out. Sorry for my sporadic posting.


Let's start with my weigh in: 155.4 THE LOWEST YET!  Not sure how that happened, since I have basically ate/drank whatever I wanted the past few days. See photographic evidence below.

On Saturday I shopped for a suit. This was my lunch (buffalo wild wings)

This was my dinner: nachos at Juanitas--also had a margarita.

Then we saw a concert at Juanitas after dinner--and I drank Shiner all night.

We acted our age and stayed out until 130 am. I had so much fun. Best part of the weekend.

I got a black suit from The Limited  and two dress shirts from Banana Republic. I love these shirts! I will have to take better pictures of them.  

Here's my sweet hubs trying on his new suit:

And here's me in the car right before my interview:

I was parked and had time to waste. I wasn't driving a car.

I did 30DS Level 2 before I got ready for my interview. I had so much nervous energy going on I figured it might help. It did. Plus I'm sore today!! Holla!

My interview went well, I hope I get a call to come back for the second round. You can count on me updating you!

Thanks for reading y'all!!


Sonya said...

lookin good! ill think happy thoughts for the interview!

Shesabigstar said...

Good job on the loss girl, even though you weren't expecting it! Glad the interview went well... I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

Anonymous said...

Great loss this week. You pictures made me hungry. You look great in your new suit. Hope you get the job!

Jess Daniels said...

Congrats on the lowest #, the food looks banging, and yay for the power suit!!!

bailey j said...

Yum - that is some major food porn you posted! congrats on the loss =] hope you hear good news back from the interview.