Tuesday, January 22, 2013

WIW: The Dog Days are Over

The horses are coming
So you better run

Run fast for your mother and fast for your father
Run for your children for your sisters and brothers
Leave all your love and your longing behind 
You can't carry love with you if you want to survive

That's a Florence and the Machine song, you guys. A good one too. Go download it.

The dog days are indeed over, I went to the gym Monday night after almost two weeks off (how did that happen?!) and decided I'd try W5D2 of C25K just to see if I could do it. I could. Holla! 

And after it ended I even ran for a couple extra minutes. For the hell of it! I felt so awesome!! Thank goodness. I was hoping it would be a good run so that I'd wanna jump back on the fitness train.

Because, I almost didn't even go inside. I pulled up to the gym and looked inside and saw a bunch of New Years resolutiony folks taking up most of the machines and I debated going home and doing Jillian. But then I decided I was tired of these fair weather people making me dread the gym so I went in anyway. No reason for me to get behind just because they're in the mood for some fitness. Still hoping it wears off soon though. Sorry to sound so bitter...but why wait until January 1 to get in shape?! I started May 2...I can personally promise you that ANY DATE is just as good of a date to start as January 1

Oh yeah, if it's WIW I probably need to acknowledge I weighed in...
156.8! Back to normal ish, ready to see 155 again! I'm being more patient with myself. If I'm doing my best, I'm doing my best. 

Wanna talk about food? I thought so. 

Pre-workout snack slash my supper
I had a smoothie before the gym AND a Clif bar.  I was starving. But when I got home from the gym at around 930 I didn't really want supper so I just had a banana. Anyway, wanna know what's in my smoothie cup?? 

Samantha's Smoothie recipe:
3/4 cup of soy milk (or more if you like yours real liquidy)
1/4 cup frozen blueberries 
1/2 cup frozen strawberries 
1 banana 

This has been my favorite one so far. It comes in around 200 calories!!

Ok y'all. 

Time to get serious--we need to talk. Did alla y'all go to my Kroger and buy all the healthy Reese's after my last blog post?? For reals. Did you? Because I tried to buy one last night and this is what I found:

An empty box! I hope y'all enjoy them. I'll have to do without!! jk jk. 

This is the same thing I go through trying to buy my Clif bars at Walmart. I have to try to catch some there randomly because for some reason they're always sold out of the flavor I like.

Other things I got at Kroger:

Some new tea. It was pretty good, I tried it plain but I think it needs some honey

And drum roll.....

SOME TOFU. This is happening. I've never cooked it before, and really never ate it knowingly...(it was in an Amy's burrito I had one time)...so I will have to find something to do with it. I'll probably check out the hippie blog I follow. Elise is way into tofu. 

Lastly, I have some great news. BJ got an interview with the PA program at UAMS!!! This is the whole reason he's gone back to school and why we have rearranged our life. So pumped!! AND SO FREAKING PROUD. So we bought him a suit on Sunday. Thanks to some help from my parents! He looks so dang good in it too. I'm so excited for him/us.

We went to Men's Wearhouse and got him measured and all that. We also got him some dress shoes and some new work shoes. The boy got spoiled :)

Oh and before we went to do that we had a Starbucks date :) we both got venti soy lattes--BJ likes soy milk now too! I don't know why I didn't try it sooner. It tastes so much better than milk and isn't pumped out of an animal---win win!!

Painted ma nails Monday night, love em! 

Revlon eclectic

This post would have gone up on Tuesday but my internet was on the fritz and I HATE posting from the Blogger app because all the pictures end up at the very end of the post. No good. So I turned it into my WIW post. Improvisation.

That's all for this Weigh In Wednesday shiz. I hope y'all make it through the rest of the week with your heads on straight. 



Shesabigstar said...

Good job with the weigh-in girl... you're doing great! Are you following the C25K program or just doing some of the runs here and there? I remember week 5 being a BIG turning point for me... my favorite week :) Love the nail color(s) too by the way... they look awesome!!

Sonya said...

Yum that smoothie sounds great!

Lauryn Roth said...

Hey IBFF!!! Ok your smoothie looks amazin-what is it you have a bullet or ninja? let me know! Ok AND how does soy milk taste, is it less cals than like 1% milk? I love your nails. TOO funny about the Reese cups!!! It wasnt me though...WISH we had a kroger!! AND yay for the gym, weigh in and hubbys interview!!!!! That is awesome!! Will definetly say a prayer for him!!!

KellyAnne Scott said...

I loveeeeee that song! Great job!

MamaB (BrandiH) said...

I started on May 2nd too! You're almost to 155!

Lora said...

man, those peanut butter cups look amazing!!!

jonesyjl2 said...

Peanut butter cups are my favorite. Going to check out our Fred Meyer since they are part of Kroger. Fingers crossed!