Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday: C25K Advice

Here we are again at WIW. What do I have to report? 


A two ish pound gain. Ok not really even a full 2 lbs. But seems like it! That sassy scale is giving me the mean eye now.
Damn TOM. 

Not only is the timing of my TOM all screwed up (and has been for the past 6 months) because I started Seasonale, but I also have TOM for two weeks ish.  So basically for half the month my weight is janky. So I have to keep that in mind when I see no loss or a gain.

I figured while I was having this issue, I would start 30DS again. The first time I did 30DS I saw a gain at the beginning (muscle). Lately I've been avoiding doing it again, because of not wanting to see a gain, since I was really wanting to hit my 30 pound mark. Well, the 30 pound mark has been hit and I'm already showing no losses due to TOM so why not let Jillian have her way with me?
shred head.
So Monday night I did L1D1 30DS and was under my calorie goal. I had an apple (golden delicious, my fave!) a banana and some egg beaters with franks/salsa for dinner. I cannot kick this hot sauce craving.

Monday dinner. 
Tuesday I had a strawberry banana smoothie for breakfast, yummy! Drank that down before I thought to snap a picture though. My bad. 

Also on Tuesday, I brought a lunch to work--that wasn't a frozen meal--completing a challenge to myself I wrote in last week's Fitness Friday post. Small victories!

Iceberg/spinach, weight watchers mexican blend cheese, kalamatas, chicken and black beans, hot sauce, light ranch and salsa.

Grand idea for a salad. You're welcome.

Tuesday night I went out to eat with my parents at Colton's Steakhouse (only steakhouse in my little town). I went a little over my 1400 calorie limit. I knew this would happen in advance though, so I didn't freak out. I got a burger and steamed veggies. Weird combo I know. (between the strange combinations and the hot sauce, I may need to take a pregnancy test...jk jk) 

I get mad about going over my calorie limit only if it's due to my poor planning or lack of self-control. And that my friends, is how you facilitate a lifestyle change. You go with the flow!

And now here we are at Wednesday!

Tonight I plan on doing L1D2 30DS and hopefully W5D1 C25K.

That's a lot of initials. 

Here's an explanation for all you newbies:  Level 1 Day 2 Thirty Day Shred and Week 5 Day 1 Couch to 5K. Here's the app I use. There's several different ones.

Screen shot from my Ease into 5k app
This will take a chunk of time out of my Wednesday night, because I'll do C25K at the gym but then do Jillian at home.  Usually I have big plans like this and I end up only doing the running. But since I'm not avoiding Jillian anymore and I've posted these plans on the Internet for all to see, hopefully I will stick with it.

Also, if you're wondering, in December I sort of quit C25K and did boot camp. And while boot camp did a great job at kicking my ass, falling behind on my running sucks. During December I only ran what I felt like running and did not follow along with the app. Reminder to my future self: DO NOT QUIT C25K AND THINK YOU CAN STILL RUN 26 MINUTES STRAIGHT A MONTH (or more) LATER. Your body does not work that way.

I am back to running 5-6 minutes at a time trying to build back up to the 26 minutes I had gotten to at week 7 ish of the app. Shame on me.

Well that's enough honesty for the morning. I hope the rest of this work week flies by, because I'm about to lose my shit. Bright side: Fitness Friday is coming up quick!


Shesabigstar said...

Ummm, YES on the whole C25K thing! I was running like a boss this summer and now I'm back at the very beginning... sooo frustrating!! Sorry you're dealing with the wishy-washy weight thing from TOM but it sounds like you're making good decisions so hopefully you're happy with that! It's hard to concentrate on our choices instead of the number on the scale but I think you're doing things the right way!

Alexandra Nicole said...

You're doing everything right, gains are frustrating. This week I was down as low as 191 and as high as 199, then today 195. I think our bodies...or maybe the scale (yah it's just the scale) SUCK!

Lauryn Roth said...

LOL I have ben craving some dang bananas latley too girl!! I dont know what it is, crazy. I need to do my 30DS too but I want to wait till we move after feb 1st so I am consistant, I want to see some inches gone for reals!!

Lora said...

a 2 week TOM! I'd rather shoot my eye out!!! omg! Keep on keeping on girl, you're doing great!