Thursday, January 3, 2013

food: lately

Welllll here I am again talking about food.

I have to say Smartones mini cheeseburgers are still my trusty sidekick (seen in the upper left of the photo below--190 calories each). They get me past fast food cravings and heat up in under a minute...what else could a gal ask for. That's what I'm having for lunch today actually--two of those with some Frank's hot sauce. 'Cause that's been on ma cravings list lately as well. I'd eat it with everything if it wouldn't eff up my digestive system. Indigestion overload I bet.

Also, I've been making tons of smoothies for breakfast lately since my hubs got me a Magic Bullet (see photo below) for Christmas. It was the most logical--or lets be real--economical (at around $30) way to go since Ninjas are kinda high. I'd like to know I'm actually going to use it before dropping some cash on a blender. And that means a Vitamix is totally and completely out of the question.

Smoothies have been an awesome change because they're easy to make and give me something different every day.  Before, I was eating a Clif bar (white chocolate macadamia nut--seen in bottom left of photo above) EVERY DAMN DAY. I never got tired of them. Sometimes I'd have them as a snack during the day too. I was stuck on those for like 6 months, and that's why I've never done a post about what I eat for breakfast.  Because I only ate one thing.

Back to smoothies.

Some smoothie combinations I've tried:
spinach/peach/banana (seen to the right>)

I use water, soy/almond milk or orange juice as the liquid. Depending on my mood. I bought some bags of frozen fruit (no sugar added, great value brand--$2.48 a bag) and I've used fresh bananas, spinach, and pineapples.They've all been really good...and the amount of fiber I'm getting is insane. I've been careful not to go overboard--I'm not looking to do a cleanse.

I've been using soy/almond milk because I've had bad reactions to dairy ever since I was little. It's just best if I try to avoid it. And while we're on the subject, almond milk is AWESOME on cereal as I've recently found out. I eat bran flakes (Kroger brand), with a banana cut up on top and vanilla almond milk (also Kroger brand). The almond milk is sweet enough so I don't need Splenda on the bran flakes, BONUS! I seriously crave it now. Who woulda thought I'd be craving BRAN FLAKES! It's also around 300 calories (for 1 cup bran flakes, 1/2 cup vanilla almond milk and 1 banana.)

Back to smoothies.

I did have one bad experience. It was this morning. I was making a strawberry/banana smoothie and I decided to throw in some fresh green bell pepper I had from taco night. I got the idea from a girl on facebook who is a smoothie queen. Let's just say my little bullet didn't get the skin of the pepper pulverized enough for my liking and there were little green flakes floating around and sticking to random parts of my mouth. Won't be doing that again. Oh well. You live, you learn not to use green bell pepper in a strawberry smoothie. (FYI it tasted was just the texture I couldn't get over.)

I'm thinking about trying some protein powder in some smoothies, and I saw this (below) at Walmart. I think I may buy it--it's the only one that comes in a jug that isn't as big as my house. I'm kind of clueless about protein powder though so I have some more researching to do before I commit. My hubs told me to go to a GNC but the last time I went into a place like that I felt stupid. Maybe it was because I was kinda overweight. Who knows.

Moving on from smoothies.

The other night I was craving wings, so my husband cut up some chicken tenderloin (I don't like to touch raw meat) and I cooked it in a skillet using only non-stick spray (no oil) with some Cajun spice on it. Then I poured Frank's on it, put it in a tortilla (also left over from taco night) with some fat free ranch and spinach. It was awesome. Hubs was wishing he had made one too. And it was only around 163 calories. I probably could've taken a better picture of it, but I was starving and about to chow down so there were no re-dos folks.

Chicken, Frank's hot sauce, spinach and fat free ranch in a tortilla (under 200 calories)

Lastly, some vanity photos. Below is a picture of me in a size medium Nike dri fit shirt.  I guess the last time I wore a size medium was when I was a freshman in college. He got me two of these shirts for Christmas and I was a little nervous about trying them on.  I knew the size large shirts I have just like this were baggy, but I wasn't positive that a medium would be presentable for me to wear in public. I'd say I passed the test. :)

I had to take this selfie because I rarely find myself wearing a good amount of makeup these days. My job isn't a "dressy" type job so I don't usually  put in a ton of effort daily where makeup is concerned. I've noticed as I've lost weight that I feel more girly and I like it! It's like I'm starting to be my old self again, minus the bitchy part.  Plus I like to be able to look back at pictures of my face and see the difference like in this post. Makes me feel like my efforts are not in vain--I can actually tell I have cheek bones these days!

Killed it at the gym last night--HRM showed I burned 778 calories! Who run the world? Girls.
Thanks for reading guys, I've got some blog redecorating on the to do list and I'm SO EXCITED about it!

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