Thursday, January 17, 2013

Fitness Friday: workout app, coffee rant

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Onto Fitness Friday, my homies!
I still haven't decided on any protein powder. I saw these at Kroger and it made me glad Wal-mart was sold out of the kind I thought I wanted. I saw someone say on Facebook that the kind I wanted was gross anyway. 

These containers aren't the huge ones I usually see.  And that's what I'm looking for...because I don't want to get stuck with a huge jar of something that makes me want to vomit. I have issues with texture where food is concerned. If y'all know of any kind that has a good texture/flavor PLEASE please please comment/email me!! 


Can I just say that I hate McDonalds. I only go there for coffee these days (there's not a Starbucks in my town. You know, the place where they care about coffee?) In theory I should be able to go there and get the "same" non-fat latte I get at Starbucks.  Well let me tell you--the past few times I've been there I have just wanted to throw the cup back through the window and tell them to effing make it again. 

My first belief, which Starbucks gets because they ALWAYS ask and make sure: 
Why the hell do they think I would request NF milk but then welcome the calories in whipped cream? Because they're dumb and don't care about doing their job right, that's why. That was the first mistake, giving me whipped cream when I didn't ask for it and requested non-fat milk.

Second mistake--in December we were going to drive around our little town and look at Christmas lights. We go by McDonalds to get a hot chocolate and I specifically request one of them to be non fat, no whipped cream (learned my lesson from the paragraph above) and no chocolate drizzle.  What do I get? 

An effing regular hot chocolate with whipped cream ...and chocolate syrup drizzled all over that whipped cream I didn't want. What do I do? Park the car and march my happy ass back inside and *politely* tell them what happened and WATCHED them redo it--you know, so they don't spit in it.  Still had no idea what kind of milk was in it. 

LASTLY, the reason I included that picture of a latte above--I asked for a non-fat latte (no flavor, no whipped cream) and what does the bitch do? She adds whipped cream for 30 cents on the order screen.  I repeat NO whipped cream and non-fat milk, she takes off the whipped cream charge and keeps saying okay and just tells me my total and to pull around. 

I didn't get any whipped cream, but I don't know about the milk. The tag doesn't tell me what they used and she seemed to be too busy doing whatever it is drive through people pretend they're busy with so I just gave up. I won't be going there again. 

Disclaimer: If I do, it'll have to be a coffee emergency, and I'll just have to order it black so I can be sure of what I'm drinking.  I mean how do I add it to MFP if I don't even know what the hell is in my cup?? I'M TRYING TO COUNT CALORIES, MCDONALDS!  


Moving on. Have y'all tried these Nature Valley things? They're pretty awesome. 

190 calories (there's two bars in one package)

If you need some new workout ideas I've got one!! You should download this app--it's called Bootcamp.  I think it was $1.99. The same people make my C25K (Ease into 5K) app. I think it's bluefin.

logo looks like this: 

Here's some screen shots of the app:

Choose your workout 

It'll tell you how long it takes (at the bottom) and
give you a list of what moves are included in that
workout (there's lots of different exercises)
While the workout cycles, it'll tell you when to switch exercises and give you the description of what you're supposed to be doing just in case you don't know what a windshield wiper is. haha. It also encourages you to keep going during the workout. (you can turn that off if you hate it)

I used this when I was travelling back in the summer for work. I did the Quick Cardio and let me tell you, I almost died. Okay not really...but it kicked my ass for sure. And the best thing about it, is that it goes everywhere you go! You know, because it's on your phone.

Speaking of traveling for work, I'm currently a couple hours from home in a hotel room. I miss my husband, I miss my pup. I'll be back home Saturday night. 

I brought some food--seen below.  Some snacks, and some salad and pasta, yogurt, fruit and water. So far I've only had two beers though...haha (seen below my yogurt). I had a HELL OF A TIME getting here today, so when I finally got here I grabbed some beer at a gas station before I checked into my hotel. Thank god for the mini fridge. 

If y'all haven't tried Newman's own peanut butter cups, ya need to (seen below). It's like a healthier version of Reese's. YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT. It's organic dark chocolate, has 3 cups in the package, for 180 calories. I love them. Love.  Found them on a road trip with my hubs, headed to a wedding for my art history friend in October. We just happened to stop at this little in-the-mountains-roadside bakery thing for coffee and there they were! I found them at Kroger in that section where they keep the hippie food. AKA the section with the food I like to eat these days! 

Husband's old shirt.  Always bring one when I travel <3

Lastly, I have to say that my husband has joined in on my calorie counting/working out! I AM SO HAPPY. It makes me wanna keep going since I'm not alone.  It sucks measuring/counting etc. when you're the only one.  

I planned on working out with my app I mentioned above in my hotel room tonight (no gym at this hotel...of course!) but then I started least it's light beer!! I'd rather have some Shiner..or Michelob now I'm thinking this week will end up being a "break" from working out.  And I think I probably needed it, really. I have physically not felt up to working out this week and that's something I always listen to.  If I [mentally] dread it, that's one thing, if my body [physically] is not up to it, that's another. 

Next week, after this trip is behind me (and my extra-long TOM), I feel like I'll be back on my A game. ...and maybe all the New Year's resolution folks will have vanished from the gym... Hold me to it ladies! Come kick my ass if I don't tell you about a workout come Monday! For reals. 

Laters baby. 


Lisa said...

OMG I need that app!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

Rebecca said...

That app looks awesome and those peanut butter cups look dangerous!

Kristine -Heart Shaped Sweat said...

Cool app, thanks for sharing! I loved the C25K so I bet this one is good too. That's great that hubs is joining you!! It really does make all the difference when you partner up :)
I use protein powder! I'm just like you, most brands make me want to vomit. But with protein you get what you pay for. So the flavor is always better with the more you spend. My trick to get quality yet save money is to invest in one jar of the "really good stuff" then buy a lesser expensive brand and mix the two together for a total scoop. Give it a try! Most stores like vitamin world/GNC will let you return it within one week if you don't like it :)

Lauryn Roth said...

Hahah LOL@your coffee rant. My Mcdonalds always screws stuff up too, my theory is that they are too busy talking and playing around with each other and checking their phone that they disreguard my order and they have a 50% chance of me not comming back & yelling at them lol. You are so cute holding your reese in hubs shirt hahaha I am totally going to look for that!!! 180 cals that is insane!!!!!!!!! I remember the one and only time i went out of town for work to chicago, i got a steak potatoe, salad and took home a huge piece of cheesecake. Thanks boss!! hahahaha Have fun and be safe and if you get bored, just blog! lolol

Kim @ Team Howard said...

Thanks for sharing the Boot Camp app! I have found so many new apps to help me with working out and gym routines. I'll definitely be downloading that one!

Samantha Griffin said...

Yeah girl!! Thanks for reading!!

Samantha Griffin said...

They ARE. I could eat them all day. I don't keep a steady supply of them that's avoidable.

Samantha Griffin said...

That sounds like a good idea. But if you combine them, how would you count the calories?

Samantha Griffin said...

I was so homesick. And so worn out. So glad to be home again. Thanks for reading IBF :) Aren't you moving soon?!?!

Samantha Griffin said...

Awesome!! Glad I could help :) It's been something I use every once in awhile, I need to remember I have it and use it more than I do. Thanks for reading Kim :)