Thursday, January 3, 2013

Fitness Friday: Week in Review and some cheesy eggs y'all

Hello my sweethearts! It is indeed Friday, which doesn't mean shit to me because I work Tuesday-Saturday! But congrats to you folks whose weekend starts tonight! Think of me tomorrow when you're sleeping in. 
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I made this change because the content of this blog has changed from it's original theme, and I'm in the process of reorganizing. Next week ( I hope ) my new header/title will be up: "In Bloom: Bliss in Progress."

Fitness Friday is a new link up I'm doing with Desirae at Going with the Flow. So after you read, hop on over to her blog and you'll find tons of other folks doing a Fitness Friday post as well.  That's an easy way to find ideas, motivation and new blogger friends! 

What can you expect from my Fitness Friday posts? It will always be different. It could be a novel, a paragraph or just some photos!  I'll talk about what I've eaten (I can be dreadfully specific since I keep excellent records with MFP) including new recipes as I try them and new snacks as I find them, workouts I've done,  plans for the next week, successes and failures, ideas to stay on track, things I've found motivating, you get the idea. Basically anything that relates to the fit part of life. 

Let's talk about this week.  How did you handle life? With the combination of your schedule and your eating habits and your water intake and your exercising while still making sure bills are paid and laundry is clean and quality time is somehow spent with your friends/family--did you come out on top, or were you sucked into the cycle? Did you resort to some Taco Hell after a hellish day at work? I almost did. Today actually. But I didn't. Didn't want to undo my hard work. The old me is rolling her eyes.

This week I have been on track for the most part. Let's not forget that New Year's Eve/Day was only a couple days ago, so I haven't been perfect, but I've definitely done well! This week I'm going to talk about what I ate (Remember I'm looking back at my MFP, that's why it seems so detailed) and what exercise I did. Maybe you guys might find some food ideas to try (or behavior to avoid, haha). This is a way to understand "how" I lost 30 pounds. 

If you want a recipe or details on anything I mention just email me [samsmithgriffin (at) Gmail (dot) com] or comment below! 

  • Breakfast was a smoothie with spinach and wheat toast with peanut butter, snack/mini lunch was a buffalo chicken wrap I whipped up recipe in this post, and dinner was a stir fry recipe mentioned in this post, and later in the night I had some hot chocolate. No workout. 
  • (New Year's Eve) I had a banana/almond milk smoothie, a Blue Zalad from Zaxby's with buffaloed chicken (do you see the pattern? I'm a hot sauce addict lately) and later that night I had several glasses of my favorite $4 bottle of Merlot, two glasses of champagne, and some olives/nuts/cheese. Obviously I went over my 1400 calorie goal. BUT I worked out like a beast earlier in the day for an hour and burned 749 calories/3.5 miles (elliptical/dreadmill).
NYE spread with wine/champagne.  At least the cheese was weight watchers brand! I guess I forgot I had crackers, pepperoni and hazelnut stick things too. Oops. See why taking pictures of what you eat is good?!

  • (New Year's Day) Cranberry/orange scones for breakfast, mozzarella sticks with ranch from Sonic for a snack, turkey tacos with one Michelob Ultra, walked the crazy crowded mall for two hours and then was on my feet cooking/cleaning when I got home, so I counted that in MFP as "Cleaning, light, moderate effort". Over my calorie goal by 117 ish calories. No actual workout. I still consider it a success, because it was freaking New Year's Day. More damage could have--and in the past WOULD have--been done. 
  • Awesome smoothie for breakfast (almond milk, blueberries, pineapple, peaches and orange juice), for lunch I had two Smartones mini burgers for lunch with a little bag of Cheetos, and some bran flakes with almond milk and a banana for dinner. For snacks that day I had some pineapple while I was at work, a strawberry/banana smoothie after my workout in the evening, and some cashews later because I was so hungry I had a headache (I usually try not to eat late at night). I stayed under my calorie goal. My workout kicked ass--I did 65 minutes and burned 778 calories/3.55 miles. I did the elliptical and W4D3 C25K [W5/R4/2/6/3/4/2/5] and ran/walked a little more after I finished the cool down. I just picked a random day on the C25K app so that I could try to get back in the swing of it--I was running 25 minutes at a time and lost it because I switched to doing boot camp instead of running.  Its true, if you don't use it you will lose it! Where running is concerned at least. 
Gym time Wednesday night, well worth it!! 
  • For breakfast I had a smoothie mentioned in this post with green bell pepper in it that I won't be having again, two Smartones cheeseburgers again with some Frank's hot sauce to dunk, yes dunk, them in, and a little bag of Frito's, and then for dinner, girl let me tell you, I made a kick ass breakfast for dinner [see photos below]. I had some cheesy eggs with Frank's and salsa and some toast with strawberry jelly (egg beater's original/weight watchers cheese/great value lime & garlic salsa and can't believe it's not butter on the toast). No workout and I stayed under my calorie goal. 

Ingredients for cheesy hot sauce eggs!

Toast ingredients! 

Finished product. SO YUM. I put some ice and soy milk in some coffee left over from this morning, and I had a great dinner! 

[plans for ]

  • I plan on going to the gym, because hopefully all the New Year's resolution folks won't be there on a Friday night. I have my breakfast/snacks/lunch planned out: breakfast will be cheesy eggs like I had for dinner mentioned above--at least I hope so--it depends on getting my ass out of bed. If not it'll be a Clif bar or a smoothie. Morning snack will be pineapple, afternoon snack will be bran flakes/almond milk/banana, and lunch will be a Smartones spaghetti (you can see how I pack my food for work in the photo below).  I'll decide on dinner after I get home. I plan on doing the elliptical and W5D1 of C25K at the gym, and I probably won't leave until I've burned over 700 calories, even if I walk at 3.0 mph for 20 minutes at the end of C25K, I will get that number up there.

I pack all my stuff the night before. That way in the morning I can grab my lunch box (sitting in the back left) and go. Shown: some water, a banana to go with my bran flakes and almond milk, some pineapple and my frozen lunch. 

[plans for ]

  • Saturdays and Sundays are more loosely structured for me. On Saturdays, I stick to my guns for breakfast, snacks and lunch (because I'm at work usually, so I treat it like a regular day--this really helps me), and then I might eat a cheat meal with the husband. Pizza or real cheeseburgers (not Smartones. More like Five Guys. Ha.) are my favorite cheat meals.  

And there you have it y'all. An extremely detailed description of my week. Don't worry, every week probably won't be this in-depth! I was just in the mood to write tonight, and kick off Fitness Friday with a good thorough post. 

Next week my plans are: workout at least three times for at least an hour each time (elliptical and a couple C25Ks and maybe a JM DVD), and to stick to my calorie goal Monday-Friday. Hopefully I'll see a loss for Weigh In Wednesday. I'm also going to attempt to bring a lunch to work that isn't frozen one day next week, because that would be a step in the right direction for me I think. Smartones are just so convenient, and I love how frozen meals have the calorie count already figured, so I don't have to do a lot of math.  But I'm getting better at that part. 

Right now my negative committee is doubting whether I can lose more than 30 lbs. It's not a big part of me, but there is a tiny little voice in the back of my mind saying "it'll be FOREVER until you see 154 on the scale, and I bet you give up before then." 

But I keep telling that part to STFU. I know logically If I keep doing what I'm doing I'll see another drop in the scale. It's just that since I hit around 20-25 lbs it's been coming off slower. No biggie, the time will pass anyway. Might as well make the most of it.

And on I truck! On my way down to 130 lbs. I've got 25 lbs to go! 
Thanks for reading, and if you have a blog you should consider linking up with us for Weigh In Wednesdays and Fitness Fridays--it might help you keep the fitness part of your life in perspective. 

I'll leave you with a picture of Jeff after bath time on New Year's day.

Why have you done this to me mom?!


Feisty Jes said...

You will lose more then thirty pounds! It will happen! Look at all the hard work you did this past week, it will pay off! Do you work in mini goals? I like to strive for five pound goals, it's less daunting then the full amount. Great blog! :)

samantha griffin said...

Thanks for reading girl! Glad you enjoyed it. And yeah my mini-goals are usually just a pound at a time. Makes me not feel overwhelmed. And then when I hit 5 pound increments I get myself some sort of reward. This time it was some new sports bras (just some danskin ones from walmart).

Lauryn Roth said...

Haha you are such a cutie!! I love this post! I love seeing what people eat! hahaah Crazy I know...anyways, um first off your new years eve spread looks amazeballs! haha AND girl one time let me tell you ...I was on a kick putting hot sauce on POPCORN. Yes its pretty tasty. People told me I was crazy and pregnant. Not so. :) But yeah a that your lunch box? Because its ADORBS!!!

bonbon said...

I love seeing what people eat too. It is so interesting to me! Also I used to work every friday night so i know how bad it sucks when everyone's celebrating the weekend and you're at work. BOO! I just found your blog and have enjoyed getting to know you better. Hope you don't mind if I follow along!

new follower :)

samantha griffin said...

Thanks girl! I know I've wondered if I was accidentally knocked up with all of the hot sauce cravings, but no I'm not! haha I can't believe it was a popcorn topping for you--I may have to try that!! Yes that is my lunchbox!! It's insulated with that shiny silver stuff and has a pocket on the side. I got it at charming charlie! Are there any of those where you live?