Thursday, January 10, 2013

Fitness Friday and encouragement

It's time for another week of Fitness Friday, y'all!
This is a fitness, health, weight-loss, and everything related and in between. Link up your weigh-ins, your healthy recipes, your work outs, and any other fitness related posts. Make sure you are a follower of the host(s). 
A big thanks to Desirae at Going With the Flow for organizing Fitness Friday and for hosting! 
Today I am co-hosting Fitness Friday with Kim at Team Howard.   


On to the good stuff!!

This was my actual weight from Wednesday. It's my official weigh in photo for a new challenge I'm doing that started yesterday and ends sometime in May. As you can see, it's 1.2 pounds higher than my 155.6 weigh in from January 2. BOO. But the reason behind it is explained here, so no worries.


I had to go on a work-related trip to West Little Rock yesterday (Wednesday) and ate out at lunch. We went to Izzy's and it was really amazing. I had tomato basil soup and a grilled cheese. My grilled cheese had American, jalapeno and Muenster cheese on it--and let me tell ya, it was the best damn grilled cheese I'd ever had. Guess I'll try to make this my cheat meal for the week.

Last night after my workout that almost killed me, I had some bran flakes, soy milk and a banana. Thrilling, right?

That workout that almost killed me? I did like I said I would in my last post and completed a level one 30DS workout AND did week five/day one of C25K. I burned a total of 801 calories! oh my jeez!  Turns out I felt really good running! I could've ran longer toward the beginning of the intervals. Good thing I didn't though, because once I got home and showered I was feeling a little strange.  It wasn't the, "wow, I really got a good workout!" feeling, it was the "oh gosh, did I over do it?" kind of feeling. So I may not do both workouts in one night again for awhile. I will certainly be a little sore, but that's cool. I like being sore, as long as I can function without crying out in pain.

Looks like I've gotten into the habit of working out M-W-F for about an hour, which is great in my opinion. Especially when you compare it to chunky Samantha that never worked out.

I've got an overnight work trip coming up next week (two nights/three day stay), where my routine will be effed up for the sake of employment. My hotel room has a mini fridge and a microwave though, so hopefully I won't get off track too bad.

I feel like the 150's are never going to leave me.  It seems like it's been the longest decade to get through! I don't think it is in reality....but maybe since all the holidays were in my 150's it just seems that way.

I'll end this Fitness Friday post with some advice for you:
you are worth the hard work it takes to be healthy.

The kind of hard work where you're hurting from workouts, resisting cheese fries, and gagging trying to get some water down. Let's also include answering odd questions or trying to ignore remarks from family/friends. Sometimes it is fun (when the scale is moving and your clothes are too big at least). A lot of times it isn't.  And like for most people (like me) you won't see results for a few weeks.  But I can promise you that once you see your body responding you will feel so good about yourself.
So if you haven't even started taking better of yourself, there's no better time than now. Seriously. Even if it does sound cliche. And if you're already on this "journey," more power to you and try to keep your chin up! I've lost 30 pounds and I still get discouraged or off track. That's life. But I'll be damned if I came this far just to quit now. 

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Kristine -Heart Shaped Sweat said...

Found you through the Friday Fitness Hop. I'm a sucker for "adult" grilled cheese too! I think your MWF workout is perfect! You're doing great and will break out of the "decade" soon enough. Your post is very motivating, I like the advice at the end!

Lauryn Roth said...

Um you rock for that 800 calorie burn workout!! So proud of you!! We both are at the same point about 30 lbs, why does it get even harder now?? LOL We got this girl, I got my butt up at 5:44 this am and hit the gym! Woot!!

Aanika Milne said...

Hi there!

Thank you for co-hosting!

I'm a new follower!

Aanika from :)

Andi @ udandi / Lunch It Punch It said...

I admire the ladies who travel and are able to stay on track.

I would not be able to pass up that grilled cheese - one of my favorite sandwiches!