Wednesday, January 30, 2013

WIW I'm stressed the &(?$@ out

Between me and BJ's interviews and my car not starting when I got off work on Friday....I have been worn the hell out. Sorry for my sporadic posting.


Let's start with my weigh in: 155.4 THE LOWEST YET!  Not sure how that happened, since I have basically ate/drank whatever I wanted the past few days. See photographic evidence below.

On Saturday I shopped for a suit. This was my lunch (buffalo wild wings)

This was my dinner: nachos at Juanitas--also had a margarita.

Then we saw a concert at Juanitas after dinner--and I drank Shiner all night.

We acted our age and stayed out until 130 am. I had so much fun. Best part of the weekend.

I got a black suit from The Limited  and two dress shirts from Banana Republic. I love these shirts! I will have to take better pictures of them.  

Here's my sweet hubs trying on his new suit:

And here's me in the car right before my interview:

I was parked and had time to waste. I wasn't driving a car.

I did 30DS Level 2 before I got ready for my interview. I had so much nervous energy going on I figured it might help. It did. Plus I'm sore today!! Holla!

My interview went well, I hope I get a call to come back for the second round. You can count on me updating you!

Thanks for reading y'all!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

It's Friday

And that actually means something to me because I'm off work tomorrow. Holla!!

My Internet is still out (server is down--sounds dramatic) so that's why you don't have a fancy Fitness Friday post.

I'm also posting from the blogger app, so all the photos in this post will be at the bottom. Thank you, blogger.

I left work an hour early yesterday because I felt like crap. I was in bed by 7:15!

I can probably tell you why. I stay awake so that I can talk to my hubs when he makes it home from work. So I'm up past eleven every night (sometimes past midnight) and have to leave my house by 7:20 to make it to work in the mornings. Eventually, that sleep schedule gets to me and I have to choose sleep instead of getting to talk to BJ. I feel better physically, but I also don't get to see my husband. Such is life these days.

On a brighter note.

I have news.

I have an interview Tuesday. Ah! I got an email at 9:00 saying they received my application, thanks for applying blah blah. Then at 9:42 I got a call for a phone interview, and at the end she asked me to come in Tuesday for a preliminary interview. Awesome!! That's all ima say until there's a reason to say more. Hopefully I'll have a reason to say more soon.

Maybe the most exciting part is that I get to go shopping for an interview outfit!! I'm going to The Limited tonight to see what there is, and possibly shopping tomorrow with BJ. He's just as excited as me about this--maybe more excited--such a great man.

So his interview is Monday and mine is Tuesday. Hopefully some great changes are headed our way, please send us good thoughts!!

Now for photos: pasta I made the other night (roasted zucchini, kalamatas, Parmesan, and my usual Wolfgang puck jar sauce--arrabiata I think? It's kinda spicy), an asian salad I had for lunch this week, my usual breakfast (coffee with soy and a clif bar) and the celebratory champagne BJ got for my interview.

Thanks for reading guys. Laters.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

WIW: The Dog Days are Over

The horses are coming
So you better run

Run fast for your mother and fast for your father
Run for your children for your sisters and brothers
Leave all your love and your longing behind 
You can't carry love with you if you want to survive

That's a Florence and the Machine song, you guys. A good one too. Go download it.

The dog days are indeed over, I went to the gym Monday night after almost two weeks off (how did that happen?!) and decided I'd try W5D2 of C25K just to see if I could do it. I could. Holla! 

And after it ended I even ran for a couple extra minutes. For the hell of it! I felt so awesome!! Thank goodness. I was hoping it would be a good run so that I'd wanna jump back on the fitness train.

Because, I almost didn't even go inside. I pulled up to the gym and looked inside and saw a bunch of New Years resolutiony folks taking up most of the machines and I debated going home and doing Jillian. But then I decided I was tired of these fair weather people making me dread the gym so I went in anyway. No reason for me to get behind just because they're in the mood for some fitness. Still hoping it wears off soon though. Sorry to sound so bitter...but why wait until January 1 to get in shape?! I started May 2...I can personally promise you that ANY DATE is just as good of a date to start as January 1

Oh yeah, if it's WIW I probably need to acknowledge I weighed in...
156.8! Back to normal ish, ready to see 155 again! I'm being more patient with myself. If I'm doing my best, I'm doing my best. 

Wanna talk about food? I thought so. 

Pre-workout snack slash my supper
I had a smoothie before the gym AND a Clif bar.  I was starving. But when I got home from the gym at around 930 I didn't really want supper so I just had a banana. Anyway, wanna know what's in my smoothie cup?? 

Samantha's Smoothie recipe:
3/4 cup of soy milk (or more if you like yours real liquidy)
1/4 cup frozen blueberries 
1/2 cup frozen strawberries 
1 banana 

This has been my favorite one so far. It comes in around 200 calories!!

Ok y'all. 

Time to get serious--we need to talk. Did alla y'all go to my Kroger and buy all the healthy Reese's after my last blog post?? For reals. Did you? Because I tried to buy one last night and this is what I found:

An empty box! I hope y'all enjoy them. I'll have to do without!! jk jk. 

This is the same thing I go through trying to buy my Clif bars at Walmart. I have to try to catch some there randomly because for some reason they're always sold out of the flavor I like.

Other things I got at Kroger:

Some new tea. It was pretty good, I tried it plain but I think it needs some honey

And drum roll.....

SOME TOFU. This is happening. I've never cooked it before, and really never ate it knowingly...(it was in an Amy's burrito I had one time) I will have to find something to do with it. I'll probably check out the hippie blog I follow. Elise is way into tofu. 

Lastly, I have some great news. BJ got an interview with the PA program at UAMS!!! This is the whole reason he's gone back to school and why we have rearranged our life. So pumped!! AND SO FREAKING PROUD. So we bought him a suit on Sunday. Thanks to some help from my parents! He looks so dang good in it too. I'm so excited for him/us.

We went to Men's Wearhouse and got him measured and all that. We also got him some dress shoes and some new work shoes. The boy got spoiled :)

Oh and before we went to do that we had a Starbucks date :) we both got venti soy lattes--BJ likes soy milk now too! I don't know why I didn't try it sooner. It tastes so much better than milk and isn't pumped out of an animal---win win!!

Painted ma nails Monday night, love em! 

Revlon eclectic

This post would have gone up on Tuesday but my internet was on the fritz and I HATE posting from the Blogger app because all the pictures end up at the very end of the post. No good. So I turned it into my WIW post. Improvisation.

That's all for this Weigh In Wednesday shiz. I hope y'all make it through the rest of the week with your heads on straight. 


Monday, January 21, 2013

Ima Guest Blogger Yall

Happy Monday!!

Today I'm the guest blogger over at Susan Today.

Just click on this image to go directly to the post:

In this post I talk about rewarding I bet you should probably read it.


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Fitness Friday: workout app, coffee rant

Last week we had 15 bloggers link up--awesome!!  Maybe we can double that this week. Remember to spread the word! [Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest] This link up covers everything about  fitness, health and weight-loss. Link up your weigh-ins, your healthy recipes, your work outs, and any other fitness related posts.

Make sure you are a follower of the host(s) and please make sure that when you link up that you are linking up a specific blog post, and not just your blog!



Onto Fitness Friday, my homies!
I still haven't decided on any protein powder. I saw these at Kroger and it made me glad Wal-mart was sold out of the kind I thought I wanted. I saw someone say on Facebook that the kind I wanted was gross anyway. 

These containers aren't the huge ones I usually see.  And that's what I'm looking for...because I don't want to get stuck with a huge jar of something that makes me want to vomit. I have issues with texture where food is concerned. If y'all know of any kind that has a good texture/flavor PLEASE please please comment/email me!! 


Can I just say that I hate McDonalds. I only go there for coffee these days (there's not a Starbucks in my town. You know, the place where they care about coffee?) In theory I should be able to go there and get the "same" non-fat latte I get at Starbucks.  Well let me tell you--the past few times I've been there I have just wanted to throw the cup back through the window and tell them to effing make it again. 

My first belief, which Starbucks gets because they ALWAYS ask and make sure: 
Why the hell do they think I would request NF milk but then welcome the calories in whipped cream? Because they're dumb and don't care about doing their job right, that's why. That was the first mistake, giving me whipped cream when I didn't ask for it and requested non-fat milk.

Second mistake--in December we were going to drive around our little town and look at Christmas lights. We go by McDonalds to get a hot chocolate and I specifically request one of them to be non fat, no whipped cream (learned my lesson from the paragraph above) and no chocolate drizzle.  What do I get? 

An effing regular hot chocolate with whipped cream ...and chocolate syrup drizzled all over that whipped cream I didn't want. What do I do? Park the car and march my happy ass back inside and *politely* tell them what happened and WATCHED them redo it--you know, so they don't spit in it.  Still had no idea what kind of milk was in it. 

LASTLY, the reason I included that picture of a latte above--I asked for a non-fat latte (no flavor, no whipped cream) and what does the bitch do? She adds whipped cream for 30 cents on the order screen.  I repeat NO whipped cream and non-fat milk, she takes off the whipped cream charge and keeps saying okay and just tells me my total and to pull around. 

I didn't get any whipped cream, but I don't know about the milk. The tag doesn't tell me what they used and she seemed to be too busy doing whatever it is drive through people pretend they're busy with so I just gave up. I won't be going there again. 

Disclaimer: If I do, it'll have to be a coffee emergency, and I'll just have to order it black so I can be sure of what I'm drinking.  I mean how do I add it to MFP if I don't even know what the hell is in my cup?? I'M TRYING TO COUNT CALORIES, MCDONALDS!  


Moving on. Have y'all tried these Nature Valley things? They're pretty awesome. 

190 calories (there's two bars in one package)

If you need some new workout ideas I've got one!! You should download this app--it's called Bootcamp.  I think it was $1.99. The same people make my C25K (Ease into 5K) app. I think it's bluefin.

logo looks like this: 

Here's some screen shots of the app:

Choose your workout 

It'll tell you how long it takes (at the bottom) and
give you a list of what moves are included in that
workout (there's lots of different exercises)
While the workout cycles, it'll tell you when to switch exercises and give you the description of what you're supposed to be doing just in case you don't know what a windshield wiper is. haha. It also encourages you to keep going during the workout. (you can turn that off if you hate it)

I used this when I was travelling back in the summer for work. I did the Quick Cardio and let me tell you, I almost died. Okay not really...but it kicked my ass for sure. And the best thing about it, is that it goes everywhere you go! You know, because it's on your phone.

Speaking of traveling for work, I'm currently a couple hours from home in a hotel room. I miss my husband, I miss my pup. I'll be back home Saturday night. 

I brought some food--seen below.  Some snacks, and some salad and pasta, yogurt, fruit and water. So far I've only had two beers though...haha (seen below my yogurt). I had a HELL OF A TIME getting here today, so when I finally got here I grabbed some beer at a gas station before I checked into my hotel. Thank god for the mini fridge. 

If y'all haven't tried Newman's own peanut butter cups, ya need to (seen below). It's like a healthier version of Reese's. YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT. It's organic dark chocolate, has 3 cups in the package, for 180 calories. I love them. Love.  Found them on a road trip with my hubs, headed to a wedding for my art history friend in October. We just happened to stop at this little in-the-mountains-roadside bakery thing for coffee and there they were! I found them at Kroger in that section where they keep the hippie food. AKA the section with the food I like to eat these days! 

Husband's old shirt.  Always bring one when I travel <3

Lastly, I have to say that my husband has joined in on my calorie counting/working out! I AM SO HAPPY. It makes me wanna keep going since I'm not alone.  It sucks measuring/counting etc. when you're the only one.  

I planned on working out with my app I mentioned above in my hotel room tonight (no gym at this hotel...of course!) but then I started least it's light beer!! I'd rather have some Shiner..or Michelob now I'm thinking this week will end up being a "break" from working out.  And I think I probably needed it, really. I have physically not felt up to working out this week and that's something I always listen to.  If I [mentally] dread it, that's one thing, if my body [physically] is not up to it, that's another. 

Next week, after this trip is behind me (and my extra-long TOM), I feel like I'll be back on my A game. ...and maybe all the New Year's resolution folks will have vanished from the gym... Hold me to it ladies! Come kick my ass if I don't tell you about a workout come Monday! For reals. 

Laters baby. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Weigh in Wednesday

It's Weigh in Wednesday ladies!! (and gents...I know I have at least one male reader--my hubs)

Thanks to Erin at She's a Big Star and Alex at Skinny Jean Pilgrimage for hosting! Y'all hop on over and check those gals out after you take a gander at some recipes I tried this week.

I weighed in at 156.0 this morning!!! I need to remember to always take a picture now. I'm still new at the picture-of-the-scale thing. It's an awkward thing for me to do, I always feel like I'm doing it wrong. Or I can't get the camera up in time to get a picture of it before it starts to scroll through which person I want to save that weight under. I'm getting better at it.

When I weighed in at 155.8 on NYE it was my 30 pound mark

I know my MFP badge says 29.  I'm aware of that. It's because I didn't pay attention to decimals when I started trying to lose weight. I say I started at 185, but I didn't even bother to record the decimal. No clue what it was! Could've been 185.2 or 185.8. Who knows. So when I hit 155  I count it as a 30 lb loss

So in other words, today's weigh in kind of surprised me, but I'll take it. Yay!

Onto what must be my favorite subject: food!

Here's some photos of some new recipes I've tried recently: 

spaghetti squash from Tuesday's post 

Tuna salad recipe I found on pinterest! 
I used a pack of tuna packed in water, added some Dijon, Worcestershire sauce, and a little light mayonnaise made with olive oil (it called for plain Greek yogurt but I didn't have any). It was really good! More spicy than mayo-ish.  I had it on low calorie wheat bread with lettuce and then some hummus and crackers. 

This is a crappy picture that I forgot to take before I started chowing down. My apologies. It's red potatoes (fresh, cubed) and green beans (from a can) that were baked with some chicken tenderloins.  I put Cajun seasoning on the chicken. The chicken was done before the potatoes, so I took it out of the dish and continued baking the beans/potatoes until they were done. It was way yummy. Me and the hubs both cleared our plates. I dipped it in some Dijon mustard--I love how spicy it is. 

Even though my weigh in this morning was good, I still feel like this week has been a bust. Over the weekend I did not give a damn about what I ate. I didn't work out--but that's normal, I usually take the weekend off.

Then cue Monday, I didn't really eat BAD, but it wasn't fantastic. No workout.
Cue Tuesday, calorie count was fine but still no workout.

The point is not that I ate okay and didn't workout. The point is that I didn't care. Don't care. Present tense. I'm hoping it's TOM. Just a lull. Because I've been that way with the laundry and things around the house I normally love doing (yes I like to clean..or rather, I enjoy having a clean pretty home). I have just wanted to sit/lay. I was running some fever last night, so maybe I'm getting sick? I was at a normal temperature this morning though, so I don't know what's going on! Could be the weather. It's been stupid-cold in Arkansas and we had some sleet yesterday.

 Maybe next week will be better, after I'm done with my little work trip.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Miss USA & Spaghetti Squash Adventure

Let me begin with saying this:

Look how healthy Miss USA (New York) looks! 
She is fit and healthy looking--not like she has starved herself or had any work done. And I love that. I screenshot this photo from my US weekly app. This girl is fit!

Although Miss Arkansas did not make it into the top 15, I was still really excited to watch the pageant. I love watching pageants for the dresses/hair/makeup. Same reasons I watch the award show's red carpets but not the actual award show. I can always read who won later!

Moving on to my spaghetti squash adventure.

I made this recipe from something I saw on pinterest--it's called a Cheesy Spaghetti Squash Bake from Fit Sugar.

It was a lot of prep work, at least more work than I'm used to. But it was really tasty--and only 200 ish calories a serving.  I will probably be making this again! 

What I didn't know is that you have to cook the spaghetti squash whole first. I guess I assumed you popped that thing open and it would be ready to go. But no. You have to poke holes in it like a potato and heat it for 8 minutes in the microwave.

While that was microwaving,  I grated a carrot, minced 2 cloves of garlic, chopped three small zucchini (the ones at my store were REALLY SMALL so I used three) and diced a bell pepper. (see what I meant about prep work?!) Then I cooked that stuff in a skillet with 2 tbs olive oil.


After the spaghetti squash was done I held it with a towel (because it's effing hot) and sliced it in half. Then I wished BJ was home because I had to scoop out the seeds and it grossed me out. I manned up and scooped the seeds out myself, then shredded it with a fork. I was a little shocked--it really does look like spaghetti! I ended up with about 4 cups.

Next I put the squash, skillet veggies, a chopped tomato and a can of tomato sauce in a casserole dish. You don't have to spray the pan first. I added in most of the cheese (4 ounces mozzarella and 1/4 cup Parmesan) and stirred it all together. Then I topped it with the rest of the cheese and baked it for 30 minutes at 350* It serves 6 portions.

It came out looking like this:


I improvised and made my own garlic/cheese toast with a slice of 45 calorie wheat bread, some garlic salt, 0 calorie spray butter and a little Parmesan. I toasted the bread and put the butter spray, garlic salt and cheese on it and then stuck it in the oven to melt the cheese a little (the oven was turned off, but still warm)

So I had my toast and spaghetti squash concoction with some greens and reduced fat balsamic dressing. It was a good supper!

After it cooled I packed it up to take for lunches or have as dinners this week. If things are already portioned out then that's one less thing to think about.

The finale.

Are you drooling?

This was also a last minute improvisation. My dessert was: melted peanut butter, with a banana chopped up on top, with a little chocolate syrup and whipped cream from a can.
 Maybe I enjoyed it so much because it's TOM and all I want to do is shove my face with Reese's, or maybe it was just damn good. I'm voting damn good. There wasn't enough chocolate/whipped cream to do real damage, and the peanut butter/banana combo kept me full, so I didn't do any late night snacking.

Tomorrow is WIW, and I'm not scared because I know my weight is janky anyway. Yep, that's me and BJ's new adjective for anything that's screwed up.  I also use it as a verb. Whatever, you can use it to. Tonight I'm getting food ready to go on my work trip (I'll be traveling Thursday night-Saturday night). You'll still get a Fitness Friday post though, don't fret.

Here's some screen shots of the Fit Sugar directions for my spaghetti squash thing if you need the official instructions: