Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Just a little update for you guys.

I have an accountability buddy, Lindsay, and so far it's been a great help. Just having someone ask you if you're going to work out makes you snap back to reality (eminem?) and get your act together. I might slack off on my own, but I ain't gonna lie to Lindsay!

Made my first emeal of the week last night. It was awesome. I cleaned my plate. Which is rare when it comes to homemade Chinese food... Ask my hubs--he ends up eating most of mine. It was chicken stir fry with rice (see pic). I used: asparagus blend stir fry (great value brand), 1/2 a package of chicken tenderloins cut into small pieces and cooked in 1 teaspoon of sesame oil with some crushed red pepper, and some general tsao sauce because we didn't have any teriyaki sauce. Then I cooked a cup of brown rice (instant, great value). So yummy. So low-calorie. (like 309 for that entire plate...)

Lastly, I made a little boys birthday cake over the weekend with the help of my momma. (Someone had to show me how to use a grass cake tip!) From what I hear, it was a success!

Emeal for tonight is Greek pizza with cucumber salad. Can't wait to get home to hang out with my husband! I went to Bootcamp at 5 am this morning so I don't have to worry about working out tonight. Also down to 158 this morning. Winning!!


Lauryn Roth said...

You are doing so awesome girl!!!! That dinner sounds and LOOKS yummy!!!!! Please take more pics of your dinners that is so cool and I love the cake!!!

Susan Today! said...

Nice work. I love the cakes. Very cute!