Saturday, December 29, 2012

Photo Overload: Christmas/Blizzard

As you all probably remember from my bitching and complaining, BJ had to work Christmas Eve. So what did I do? Here's a complete photo recap:

I went to the vacant gym--where me and a 60 year old man held down the fort-- while the rest of the world had family time. On the bright side, I burned over 600 calories. That's what happens when you don't really have any reason to rush home. You stay at the gym and get into beast mode.

Instagram is the reason this photo looks so nice. Definitely not because of my mad photography skills.

Another thing I did while waiting on BJ to get home--I got this plate of goodies ready. If you're wondering, that's a goat cheese log covered in pistachios and dried cranberries (thanks Pinterest) and it was amazing. That kind of wine (Casillero del Diablo- Merlot) is the brand we try to get every year for Christmas Eve to drink while we open presents. Yes we do presents Christmas Eve! I love it! Not sure if  I could have waited any longer anyway...

(Side note, No Drink December update... I REALLY sincerely enjoyed that wine, since I haven't drank anything since November 30! And I did really well--had just the wine that night, and then a mini Baileys in my coffee the next morning. Thats all! I was proud. Now to wait until New Year's Eve! I can do this!)

Back to the night's agenda. Next I facetimed my dad. He was trying to describe to me what was going on at their house. Adorbs. At the time my mom was hanging up stockings. Since I was home alone I immediately got homesick

Here's a few pictures of Jeff waiting for BJ to get there. Wearing a Christmas bandanna. Ah! He literally waits for the garage door sound and then flips out when he knows BJ is home.

Finally BJ got home and we opened some presents! I gave Jeffery his stocking stuff first so he would be occupied.

And here's some stuff BJ got me! I was so happy!!!!


And here's a few pictures I took of his stuff.

(Top) My Instagram photos from our vacation this past summer turned into magnets, and (bottom) mini whiskeys were some of the stuff in his stocking.

Man stuff.

Me and Jeff in the car heading to my parents house! BJ drove because I'm a spaz when it comes to driving in heavy rain/snow/ice. Complete spaz.

And BJ had this waiting on me there! An extra surprise present!

My sister's dog Beck and Jeff hoping for my dad to drop some ham. They got more than enough bites that "accidentally" hit the floor. Tim is their BFF.

We ended up having to eat and run, because the weather was getting pretty bad in central Arkansas (where we had to travel through to get back home). I was disappointed, I didn't want to leave yet!

Me and Beej Christmas night, after all the traveling was done and we were finally home!

Little did we know in a few hours things would get miserable. Our power went out at 1 in the morning and when we woke up, we had to clear the driveway of 8-9" of snow so that BJ could get to work. Because if you work at a hospital it doesn't matter how much snow is on the ground, they're open and you better find a way to get your ass to work.

Let me remind you that I live in ARKANSAS. And ANY AMOUNT of snow is startling and overwhelming --causing panic to the entire state. We are not equipped to deal with this sort of crap. Me and Beej don't even own a shovel, much less a snow shovel.  The one my husband is using in the picture below was loaned to us by our neighbor after he got finished with his driveway, and before that BJ was using an old plastic laundry hamper (as a bucket, scooping up snow and throwing it off to the side) that was in our garage. Seriously.

December 26, 2012

To his left is the hamper. He cleared 3/4 of the driveway with that thing. I came behind him and scraped up the slush.

He is a machine. (I mean I helped, but he did most of it) And while we're on the subject of my husband, let me tell you something he did.

I stayed home on my last day of Christmas vacation (Dec. 26) with no power, not able to drive anywhere where there is power, and in our house that was slowly but surely getting colder. My mom was about to cry worrying over me, because I didn't expect THAT MUCH SNOW so I wasn't really prepared to live without electricity (food that didn't need to be heated, batteries, etc). Plus I guess I'm just a little spoiled and was having a hard time dealing with the situation.  I went and sat in my car to get warm and charge my phone.  I had clif bars and candy to eat. I cried. I'll admit it.

Back to my husband. Want to know what he did?  He left work early, got me a cheeseburger and curly fries from the hospital, and when he got home he went outside on our deck and stood in a shit ton of snow and heated it up on our grill in a skillet. Then? Then he brought it to me--I was still in bed because it was COLD outside of the covers-- and I got to eat a hot meal in a warm bed.

I am clearly a lucky girl.

Our deck. The black thing is the grill/grill cover.

On Thursday I brought an overnight bag with me to work, with the intentions of staying at my parents that night. I was gonna take a shower and blow dry my hair and I was looking forward to it. Ha. But before BJ went into work our power came back on, so I went home after I got off work that day. After starting the dishwasher and the clothes dryer I just went to sleep. In a warm house. And I was thankful that I had a safe happy house to live in and a husband that would do just about anything to take good care of me.

Needless to say I haven't tried out my new running shoes or my makeup or anything fun, because this week has been hellacious and I'm worn the eff out.

Thanks for reading y'all. I hope your week was way better than mine!!
Working on a new year's post now. How is it 2013? Seems like it was 2006 last week.

Jeffery HATES THE SNOW. It's like he expects me to move it so that he can go potty. Diva.

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Lauryn Roth said...

LOL girl you are too cute and funny!! What an awesome spread of food for your man on Christmas Eve!! You rock for hitting the gym!! Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas, so sweet of your man spoiling you, and I love that he heated your food! I think you have a winner there!!! I am glad your power is back on and hopefully you will have a wonnderful week comming up!!!