Monday, December 3, 2012

No drink December and some home improvement

First things first- NO DRINK DECEMBER.
I know. Oh god. 
This came to me when I was trying to decide what new obstacle to put in front of myself for the month of December. I've been a little worried that I'd gain a few lbs this month, and obviously I don't want a setback if I can prevent it. Well, I was texting my husband while he was at work to see what he wanted from the liquor store ...because I was gonna stop off there on my way home. And then I wondered if I would drop some weight if I stayed away from any kind of alcohol for a little while. And that's when I decide to try having a December with no alcohol.(Until New Year's Eve)
Honestly, I'm nervous. Ima have to take it day by day, because it's just the norm around my house. We don't binge drink or anything, but beer/wine and sometimes whiskey is the norm around here. So far it's December 3 and I've done okay. Haha.

If you wanna keep up with us gals that are not partaking in liquor this month, email me at samsmithgriffin (at) gmail (dot) com or comment below!

Next announcement, my 5-6 am boot camp starts this week! Holy hell. It's Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Hopefully I won't regret it. I need a boost right now in the workout department. My enthusiasm is failing me. Just like my holiday spirit. (80* in December?!?)

Home Improvement: 

Lastly, we painted our bathroom and we made a magnetic makeup board to hold SOME of my makeup. Ha. There's still shit tons in various places in the bathroom....but on the board are my most favorites. I was nervous about my naked 2 palette falling, so I basically plastered the back of that baby with magnetic strips so keep it safe (see pic below).


(Tried the paint sample out on that wall....normally I don't profess my love on the walls of our home...Normally.)

Husband got the mirror taped up for safe removal (stuff on the bathroom counter was being rearranged too. It's not always that junky. Swear! Too ocd for that)

Took the mirror down. Yes, the builders put a smiley face in glue.

Here's a close up. I think that's an eye brow. ...? 


Behind the bathroom door.  This is how I store my jewelry right now. 

Magnets I used from Walmart. Got out my trusty hot glue gun and started sticking magnets to stuff! Way fun. Hubs was busy with his PA school application so I was at least entertained. 

Had to makes sure it would stick! I'd probably cry if it fell and broke. 

All that's missing now are our mirrors (will be in the same frame as my makeup board). That'll be happening in a week or so, until then we're gonna use that improvised floor length mirror you see propped up all ghetto-like on the counter. So excited it's starting to look like a girl lives in this house now!!!

Thanks to my parents for driving up Saturday night to help with getting the huge-A mirror down. My dad and BJ got it down safely and only ripped one huge (fixable) hole in the dry wall. :) thanks boys!

Thanks for reading homies. If you're not a follower yet, just do it already. :)

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Lauryn Roth said...

i love the makeup board!!! and the bathroom!!