Thursday, December 6, 2012

meal plan for next week!

BJ is off work all of next week on vacation! He took off for finals. Although I still have to work, do you know what this means?!? HE’LL BE HOME EVERY NIGHT!!! Holla!
This does mean that my dinners and my exercising will probably be different…but for a good reason!
I’ll have boot camp at 5am so the exercise part I’m not really worried about. Eating however, will be different because I’ll actually cook! When I’m home alone (the joy of having no children) I eat whatever there is—usually a Smartones brand mini cheeseburger with whatever I can find as a side (sweet potato fries are a new favorite), cereal (bran flakes), a Lean Cuisine, or a lunch/dinner I prepped earlier in the week. Seems silly to mess up the kitchen just for me!
But since my lovely husband will be home I’ll get to eat real food and I’ll have help cleaning up afterwards.  Winning!
Last year when we were home together after work every day we were always wondering what to have for supper…so we signed up for emeals. If you haven’t heard of it you need to look into it. They will send you a weekly email with a menu and a shopping list. After BJ started working nights again I just banked them in a folder in my email, and didn’t renew our subscription. When we’re back on the same schedule I will probably do it again!
You can choose: What kind of diet you want (like vegetarian, gluten free, low fat, low carb, paleo, classic, simple gourmet…), how many people (2 or a family), what store you shop at (Walmart, “other” (like Kroger…) and Whole Foods, etc.) and it creates the menu and shopping list (with price estimates) for you.
shopping list with approximate prices for each ingredient

We do the Walmart low fat plan for two. I got the emails on Wednesday mornings. You pay for a chunk of months in advance (we did 6 I think) so there’s no monthly drafting from your account to remember. And it was reasonable. Or we wouldn't have done it. ha.
Anyway, that’s what I’m doing next week since we’ll be home together! And the week I chose has a 30 minute meal AND a Crock Pot meal in the schedule. Since I don’t eat sea food I substituted a Greek pizza recipe from another week’s menu in for one of the meals on the schedule pictured.  I literally cut and glued it onto the menu. Like a boss.
Next week's menu!

If you haven’t looked into emeals you should. And no they didn’t pay me to write this. (I wish they did.)
Our menu next week: Greek pizza with cucumber salad, mexi-stuffed peppers with corn muffins and green salad, creamy chicken and bacon pasta with broccoli and hot bread, Dijon peppered chops with crispy green salad and hot bread (crock pot meal), turkey chili with tortilla chips, Szechuan Chicken and vegetables with steamed rice (30 minute meal), and French toast soufflé with bacon and fruit (prepare night before).
Updates: Bootcamp is kicking my ass, it’s wonderful. No-Drink-December is still a success so far, and I think I’m going to jump in on this squat challenge (see pic below). Time to get past this plateau!!


Random photo, my desk today. Yes that's a mannequin in the background. The joys of working at a history museum.


Susan Today! said...

YUmmm... what is french toast souffle?

Lauryn Roth said...

that sounds soooo cool i will have to look into it!!