Tuesday, December 18, 2012

beginning/during photos and No Drink December

I kinda can't believe I'm posting comparison pictures on the Internet. I've done this type of photo comparison for myself, as encouragement. I've shown my husband all of them, and shown my parents/sister/BFF Amy some of them (I try not to be annoying). But if posting these helps someone else get/stay motivated... then my slight embarrassment will be worth it. (below are just 2 of maybe 10 on my phone...)

Please note that I've never lost weight in my life. The point of me saying that, is for you to understand I had no idea what I was in for or where to start. I was a healthy weight in high school (115-120 ish) Once I got to the end of my college years and into grad school I packed on the pounds.

This past May (May 2 to be really exact--2012) I went to the doctor for a physical because I hadn't been to a real doctor in a few years (other than gyno). My lipids were high--she put me on fish oil. And she recommended I lose weight. I was 185 (I was 25 and 5'2"). I was livid. With myself. And kind of scared. Was this crap starting already? At 25? My 56 year old dad takes fish oil. Not me! Not til then I guess.

Anyway, I got my ass in gear. I started counting calories, exercising and drinking water. I started to THINK about what I was eating. To be mindful. That was the key I think. That, and portion sizes. I ran my first 5K. I did my first boot camp.

Pounds lost started adding up, as of today (12/18/12) I am 27.8 pounds down, and no longer considered obese on a BMI chart. I have a little ways to go, that's why these are beginning/during photos.

Face photos.
I think the photo on the left was actually from April, but I'm not exactly sure...

Body photos.
I needed sunglasses on the right. My mother told me so.
I put my blog address on these because I'm hoping no one steals them for random weight loss advertisements like I've seen with Mama L. Not because I think I'm a hot shot weight loss model.

On to real life these days, here's a photo of my and my hubs (below) before we went to look at Christmas lights last week. I was so happy to have him home every night!! SO HAPPY. I love that man :) he's good to me.

And below is a picture of the kick ass pasta he made us for dinner one night, off of the low-fat emeals recipe list mentioned in this post. The kalamatas were a late addition just because we love olives.

And Susan--from Susan Today. You asked about the French toast souffle! Here it is!! And OMG. It was SO GOOD. I was in heaven. I'm making it for Christmas morning actually, if that tells you how good it was.

Lastly, a No Drink December update. I have not even taken a SIP of alcohol this month! No wine with my pasta, no beer with my husband. And he's been buying dark beer. JEEZ. My favorite. I've had to think about it. Like make an effort to keep myself out of those situations and prepare myself.

But sadly, I will not make it to New Year's Eve as originally planned. But wait, I have a good reason.

The reason is because my husband and I started a tradition last year to have a bottle of red wine (the same brand every year is what we're trying for) on Christmas Eve while we open our presents.  The reason I forgot is because we've only been married for one Christmas so far ....and so it's not a normal thing for me to expect yet. Hopefully this will continue until there are babies!!

Soooo....I'll have a No Drink December up until Christmas Eve--red wine only, hopefully, I'll do my best-- and then not drink again until New Year's Eve. It's not a perfect month, but it's EXTREMELY BETTER than I've done in years. Years y'all.
Saw this drink idea on pinterest. I think I"m going to try it New Year's Eve. Or maybe with Bailey's instead of the frappuccino.
That's all the news I have for now y'all.  I hope you've got your Christmas shopping wrapped up and that there's no family spats getting in the way of your Christmas joy. Hug your little ones... And thanks for reading!


Arlene Grant said...

Great blog & Pictures :)

Nicole P said...

You look AMAZING! Funny I came across your blog since I'm thinking about making 2013 my no drink YEAR! With some health problems that I have, drinking doesn't make things better. :)

Subscribed to your blog and can't wait to keep up with your progress. I have my new years resolutions up on my blog right now. Coming up with my plans to make them a reality!

Susan Today! said...

You have done a great job. The souffle looks yum! Googling that as soon as I post :)

Lauryn Roth said...

GIRL! that is amazing!!! You can tell SO much of a difference! You are adorbs with your sweet hubby!! The food looked SOOO good too!!!! oh now I am hunrgy!! haha I hope you have a GREAT Christmas!!! :)

Amy said...

What a transformation! Great job!

Margo said...

Amazing progress! Keep up the good work! (and off-topic, how do you put your blog address on the photos?)

samantha griffin said...

Thanks Arlene!! And thanks for reading!

samantha griffin said...

Nicole--like I said on Facebook, I cannot fathom going a year without alcohol. More power to you! Please keep my updated on how that goes for you.

Thank you for reading and subscribing!

samantha griffin said...

Susan! Send me your email address and I'll send you the recipe!! samsmithgriffin@gmail.com

samantha griffin said...

Thanks Lauryn!! I've been ignorantly trying to respond to your comments through email and it hasn't been working! ...and I've JUST NOW TODAY figured that out. Womp womp.

Anyway! Thank you so much for reading! I hope you have a great Christmas too.

samantha griffin said...

Thank you Amy!! And thank you for reading!

samantha griffin said...

Hey Margo! First off thank you for reading! Second, I use an app called 'pic stitch' on my iPhone to do the side-by-side and to put text on photos.

Meg Underwood said...

Love your blog & story!

Meg @ Fit Tone Groove