Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Where have I been?

Nowhere. Just my house. After an insanely busy week last week, I then wind up sick. (I guess it's that time of year!) Therefore, my little corner of the Internet has been neglected. But have no fear! I will return.

Here's a little update:

I have my first 5k coming up this weekend, so expect to hear about that. Oh and I have my award blog post to type! I need to get with it don't I!?!

My c25k ability has stalled at w7d2-- the 26 minute run. After doing the 25 minute run I couldn't get my mind to stop being difficult and let me run the 26 minutes. Someday, 26 minutes will be no big deal I hope. But the past week I had to take a couple walking breaks for water. I just hope to finish in under 40 minutes this Saturday. It's not an official timed race but I plan on using my runkeeper app to keep time.

I'm happy with myself. The past few days being sick has put me at a standstill with running and watching what I eat (mainly because I had no appetite, then I was insanely hungry). It gave me time to sit and think. Rather, lay and think.

Regardless of schedules and stuffy noses, I have now hit 22 pounds lost and can now run at least 20 minutes, probably more, without stopping--and that's really an accomplishment. I'm definitely proud of myself. And I don't plan on quitting!

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