Sunday, November 11, 2012

my very first 5k ever

(the night before.)

I've been sick since last Saturday November 3rd. I woke up at 4 am (adjusted fall back time) because I was in pain--my throat felt like it had gravel in it. I got up and got some water and took a Walgreen's version of Tylenol cold and the only cough drops we had in the house were those numbing ones. ugh. last resort usually. 

So I'm laying there trying to get the pill thing open and BJ (hubs) wakes up and asks if I'm okay and immediately falls back asleep. Pretty sure before I could even answer he was back asleep. Whatevs. He needs some rest. Love you homes!

I wake up feeling like hell on Sunday. That afternoon I go to my mom's birthday lunch at Cheddar's in Little Rock and then go back to being a zombie once we get home.  Monday--same story only worse. I feel like road kill. (exact words to hubs)

(Oh--and Dayquil, for some reason, works but always makes me that's how the next few days were spent. )

Tuesday, still sick as hell with drainage, stopped up nose, body aches, etc. So I call in to work.  I probably should've called in Wednesday too--but  I went into work because that's what I do. I laid down on my lunch break and tried to rest some. Didn't really work out but that's another story.

Thursday I was a snot factory. Friday, I was finally seeing some relief. I could breathe as long as I kept blowing my nose.
In total, I went through two NEW boxes of Kleenex--one at my desk and one at home. Plus some from an old box and toilet paper. Ridic. My nose--well. You can probably guess.  MY NOSE BURNED. It was rubbed raw. I seriously put Vaseline on it in attempt to help it with peeling. Vaseline. Yes. 

Anyway, back to when I'm feeling better. Mid-day on Friday I felt a lot better, still an itchy throat, but that's totally doable. 

Leave it to me to get sick the entire week before I do my first 5k.  I mean, I get another fearless streak and I finally sign up for one and then I feel like hell all the way up to time.  Sounds like me.

I haven't had an appetite all week. I haven't really eaten much. So I ordered pizza tonight. The night before. I ate four pieces of a large. Seriously. I don't remember the last time I ate that much of a pizza. Maybe college?  And I don't even feel sick from it...that's the weird part. For the past few months like 2 pieces is my limit--because I would feel sick if I ate any more than that. I think I literally needed some food. Hopefully I won't feel too sluggish tomorrow. Surely not. I actually feel great right now, it feels good to have food on my stomach.

Registration opens for my 5k at 930 ish, race is at 1015. BJ will be done with class in time to pick me up, so hopefully I can remember to have him take my picture.  I haven't ran in a week, I've been sick and haven't eaten normal for a week---so I'm curious on how it's going to work out. Update coming tomorrow. Or Sunday. Whenever I can find the time! 

(Sunday night)

I needed some sunglasses.

In short I finished in 39:49, which is great because I wanted to finish in under 40 minutes. Just barely, I know.  In the last little stretch a nice volunteer man told me my time and so I had to kick it in high gear. I walked a lot of it, and I'm not ashamed to say that.  I've come a long way from the beginning of this year, even just having the guts to sign up for the thing in the first place--plus I felt like hell before I even started--I'm proud of my time and of my fearlessness.
that's a long word. 

Back of my t-shirt--it was long sleeved! Awesome!

running route

Three complaints: one--part of the course was uphill, and I wasn't prepared for that, at all.  I guess I was naive and assumed they wouldn't put any hills in the course. I was wrong. Sad day.  Two--the water table was only .79 miles into the race, so that was annoying...I didn't want any water until like halfway through. and lastly, three--my most grievous complaint--one of the volunteers stationed a little over a mile in laughed at me, and asked if I wished I had done the two mile walk instead.  Literally.  Word for word. I am not making that up. I guess I was breathing weird (I was all stopped up) and in case the Kleenex wadded up in my right hand didn't give it away, I told him I was sick and secretly hoped he tripped or something later in the day. Ass hole.  Seriously. I wasn't even the last one, or even close to the last one...that's what I don't get. It hurt my feelings. And pissed my mom off. :)

I was happy I did it. I will be doing another one on December 1 with my BFF if I can take off work. It is the arthritis 5k in Little Rock. I think I need to start running outside more (which basically means I'll have to run in the dark, since the time has changed) because the cold air did a number on my already sore throat.

Afterwards my hubs took me out for a margarita and pizza at the only place in my town that has a real bar, because I live in Arkansas where we have something called a "dry county" ...and if a restaurant in a dry county wants to serve liquor they have to be classified as a private club and all sorts of shenanigans. SOMETIMES I MISS LIVING IN MEMPHIS. Okay all the time. If you can buy alcohol in your county, or even better--buy alcohol in your county on a Sunday--do not take it for granted.  Remember there's a girl named Samantha in Lonoke county in Arkansas wishing she could buy some beer on Sunday or walk into ANY restaurant and order an alcoholic beverage.  

Unrelated business:
Update: This drink is weird.  I was unaware that "green coffee beans" were a thing.  It tasted like a coffee flavored energy drink and I won't be buying it again. 

Hubs aced an organic chemistry quiz (SUPER HUGE BIG DEAL) so he got a surprise. Best wife award coming right up! 

Lastly, a lovely navy manicure I gave myself Friday night--it was the best nail job I've done maybe ever.  Too bad it chipped in like 86 places the next day, and so I peeled it off on Sunday. It was Ulta brand polish. I got it for free so I wasn't too mad, just wish I hadn't tried so hard to make it perfect. 
And yes that's a beer. I like dark beer. 

Post over.
Coming later this week: award post and nominations. It's really going to happen, I promise.

thanks for reading, love you mean it. 


Susan Today! said...

Aweaome on the run despite A-hole! And I love the rest! You have a fun writing style.

Lauryn Roth said...

Congrats on your 5k girl I know that is such an awesome feeling!!!!

Sonya said...

great job on your 5k! and that really sucks about that volunteer, that would really hurt my feelings, lol my first 5k took me 50 minutes!