Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Meals for the whole week!!

Before I begin with the details, let me explain why this works for me.
My husband works the evening shift at a hospital (he’s an x-ray tech) so that he can go to school in the mornings. So basically I’m on my own for dinner every night.  I work Tuesday-Saturday at a museum, so Monday is my “prepare for the hell-ahead-of-me day.” I pack a few meals for me to either throw in my lunchbox for work or to heat up when I get home. Since I chose pasta this week…it will be my lunch. [yes, I have lost 26 pounds and I still eat pasta. Moderation folks!] If I eat anything heavy at night I usually feel nauseous. I also pack my husband’s lunches (usually) too, because it saves us money if he doesn’t eat out before work or use his payroll deduct thing for dinner at the hospital.
But this post is about my meals!
(Just FYI if you're wondering, I eat around 1400 calories a day and do better with the munchies if my lunch is more substantial...I try to keep it around 400 calories and budget the rest of the day around that....usually)
I bought a large package of this buitoni pasta. It was just under $6 and makes five 1 cup servings.  I boiled it and divided it into the 1 cup servings (330 calories each).
In case you're curious...

Divided into 1 cup servings.

 Next, I added different things to each of these containers so that it would seem like I was eating something different every day.  I get bored easily if I eat the same thing over and over. This stuff I just had at my house already, I just raided my cabinets/fridge to find things to make it more interesting. So I used: reduced sodium green beans, some Mrs. Dash stuff, some homemade pesto (in the little green lidded container--it doesn’t have cheese in it, less calories) some reduced fat “parmesan” cheese, some pasta sauce, and some frozen mixed vegetables (from a massive bag bought at sam’s—thanks mom).

So I made one meal have pesto, vegetables and green beans mixed in. One with red sauce and veggies on the side, one with only pesto, etc.  I write down everything I put into the Tupperware onto a sticky note next to the container so I can keep up with how many calories is in each meal. This makes it super easy to put it into MFP later.
After I got done I realized I had forgotten about my cherry tomatoes so I cut some of those in half and added them to the container that just had pasta/pesto.

Yes that's a Digiorno shredded cheese container that I now use for my lunches. ^

Last, I made two broccoli slaw salads (the bag makes three @ 25 calories each—yes 25!) and put some balsamic dressing (30 calories for 2 tbs) in a condiment container with it so that the salad wouldn’t get soggy by the time I ate it.  These were for if I was still hungry for some reason, there would be no reason to eat junk with/after my lunch.

There ya have it folks. If you have any ideas for lunches/calorie counting, please email me ( or post a comment! I'm always looking for new ways to stay motivated, and changing things up seems to do that for me.
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Thanks for reading y'all!


Lauryn Roth said...

This is an awesome idea girl!! Thanks so much for posting it!! WHat do you do for breakfast/dinners? Would love to hear about it! I am going to have to buy that dressing too!!

Shesabigstar said...

I love this that you stay prepared and ahead of the game... definitely a key to success! Also I love that you changed up the meal each day even though it was the same main ingredient... thanks for the ideas!

Lifeasweknowit said...

I went on my lunch break and bought all the stuff I need to make this for next weeks lunches/dinners! Maybe if I start planning more I will do better!! Thank you for posting :)

Susan Today! said...

What a great option! Heck I think I have the butoni in there. Never occurred to me to do this!