Friday, November 23, 2012

birthday wrap up

Woke up to a totally adorable birthday situation in the kitchen.

My husband did some planning this year!! To bgein with, he called McDonald's earlier in the week (who CALLS McDonald's?! haha) to see if they would be open on Thanksgiving during breakfast--because for whatever reason that was what I have been wanting for breakfast for AWHILE why not have it on my birthday? Well they wouldn't be open, so he made me a sausage cheese biscuit for breakfast! 

While he was cooking I investigated the stuff on this kitchen table and there were three presents, a batch of mimosas, and a cupcake for me! He even made the "eat me" "drink me" "open me" tags like in my favorite Disney movie, Alice in Wonderland. I LOVE THIS MAN.

He got me a throw blanket I mentioned I wanted a week or two ago, a hot pink heart rate monitor watch, and a spi belt to hold my phone while I run. 

We had some fun, and then he had to get ready to leave for work...Boo.  

So I went to my parents house for Thanksgiving and there were MORE presents waiting for me! Wahoo!

My parents got me a iPod shuffle to wear while I work out, and my name was put on the back! It's crazy small.  [They also got me some Nike dri-fit workout clothes, but I got those early so I could wear them in my first 5K.] After I finish this blog post Ima load my shuffle up with some tunes!! My sister gave me a Lennox champagne flute to match the other one we got when we got married--we got a lot of utensils and plates but only one champagne glass from the china we registered for. She also gave me a pretty cowl she knitted.  She's a pretty bomb knitter. ha. Bomb knitter. 

After BJ got off work we went to the 10 pm Black Friday event at the Walmart where we live. We wanted the 32" TV but when we got there, around 10:30, they were already gone... so we bought a voucher.  It's supposed to be here by Christmas, but I hope it doesn't take that long! It's for our bedroom and I am so excited we finally splurged and got one! 

Here's the pumpkin swirl cheesecake I brought to my parents house. It was, amaze-balls. In my sister's words, "that cheesecake is heaven."

There are not many things in this life that I excel at, seriously. I am so aware of this. But desserts? Desserts is not one of the things I suck at. I kick ass at baking and making desserts and concocting dinners.  :) 

Brought my hubs some thanksgiving food to his work!

^^Right up there is the best husband in the universe who drove me to Ulta after our Walmart trip...where I ended up buying a $10 hairdryer, a blush and an eyebrow pencil. What a sad haul right? Nothing I saw there (in my budget) really screamed BUY ME and so I didn't.  That's how it's supposed to be right?! 

Decorated for Christmas today, trying out my new  HRM watch tomorrow (and it's bday dinner night...) update soon! 

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