Tuesday, October 2, 2012

wrapping up september and stuff

Well guys, I did it! Thirty days of daily circuit training are behind me. At the beginning I was so pumped—I loved how I could choose which workouts I did in the categories listed. But towards the end it got annoying and boring and more like a chore. Especially when it was date night or something, and I either had to do it beforehand which made getting ready more tedious…or had to stay sober enough to be able to do it after dinner. Unfortunately that isn’t a joke. I was okay with this at first, but on Friday September 28 (right there at the end) I was pissed off about it. If it wasn’t for my husband, I would not have been able to do this every single day. Thanks babe! I haven't worked out for 30 days in a row since high school. It was definitely a kick in the ass, that I needed.
On Sunday I decided to do C25K Week 5 Day 1. And holy hell. It was a close call. I only wish I was dramatizing this. Since I had ran for 6 minutes in week 4, running for 5 minute or 4 minute intervals in Week 5 was not scary to me.  I must’ve just had an off day—I couldn’t run for shit. I finished the entire thing, but I paused halfway  during run 2 and 3 to walk a couple of minutes. So it took me like 41 minutes to complete a 34 minute warm up/run. The important part is that I finished it.  Yes, it took me longer and I didn't feel good about any of it, I had to push myself harder than I have in awhile, and I was miserable the entire time...but I finished it! SURELY it was just an off day and I haven’t reverted back to the Samantha that cannot run.
That might be my worst fear (other than spiders and scary injuries...), to have come this far and all of a sudden find myself back where I started.
Now I’ve got October-December planned out. Yep. I’m a planner. My BFF thinks I’m related to Effie Trinket...whatevs. I just like to keep a schedule. October-December contains rest days, optional days (where cleaning the house, etc. can count) and running/30 Day Shred days. From October 17 until December 5 I’ll be doing a challenge with my fellow fit campers (#mlfitcamp), so my schedule I’ve made will fit in just dandy!
In other news:
Picked up my travel coffee mug from firefly on Monday! I think it turned out great. And I was really happy it came with a sleeve because ceramic mugs get kinda too hot to hold.
Yesterday I cashed in all the coins around the house at a Coinstar machine…$12.50! Wahoo! I used that to buy stuff to make my grandma some birthday cupcakes and some flowers (today is Virginia’s birthday! She’s 79, happy birthday grandma!!). I’m taking her out to lunch today and then my whole family is eating dinner with her tonight. Hopefully she has a great day.

Lastly, as I begin my next challenge which spans three months (what am I doing to myself?), I end this post with: 


Anonymous said...

Fellow ML Fit camper doing the upcoming challenge, too! Good luck! And I'm sure you were just having an off running day. Or maybe I'm just hoping that because I'm on C25K Week 4 Day 1 and I seriously do not want to think the jump from week 4 to week 5 is that harsh!

samantha griffin said...

I ran in the morning instead of the evening, and I think I just didn't have as much energy. I'm trying again Thursday or Friday, and hopefully it won't be so bad. Let me know how week 5 goes for you!