Friday, October 12, 2012

unforeseen obstacles.

I’ll try not to go into detail for the sake of everyone, but I have found that there are people, and probably always will be people, who try to pressure you into falling off the wagon. Just for a meal, a snack, whatever, it won’t make that much of a difference (to them).  The sad part is that sometimes those people are your closest friends or family—but sometimes the fact that misery loves company trumps the assumption that these people want the best for you. 

I have to say that my husband, sister and mom have not tried to sway me once.  (Before I met my husband, he lost 60 pounds—so he knows what I’m going through) My sister has now jumped on the mama L wagon with me, and  my mom has made sure that when I go to her house there are things to eat there that won’t mess with what I’ve got going on.
It’s other people that, for whatever reason, think a “diet” is a short term thing to get weight off and then you quit it and be normal again. Almost daily I am offered (to the point of being forced) fried meat, buttered vegetables, soft drinks, desserts, fast food and the like. Me: constant refusal, being asked again and again, then more refusal.  Other people should not attempt to dictate what I eat...unless I'm asking someone to make sure I don't eat an entire pizza. Offering is one thing, badgering is another and there is a definite line between the two. 

I also find myself arguing with people about going out to eat with them.  I KNOW they are just trying to be nice. But a person can only take so much.  In my head, I think, oh really? You're making my decisions for me now? Thank you for letting me know there has to be something at whatever restaurant you've chosen that I can eat.  It's always a joy to eat salad (just an example) while I see other people with their cheeseburgers, pizza, or whatever. (and smell it and wish I had ordered it instead...)

The worst thing is when you hear these same people-- who constantly try to talk you into making bad choices-- talk about how they “really need to start doing something,” and the “how did you do it?!?” questions referring to your weight loss. How did I do it? I stopped letting folks like you sway my decisions and I started taking responsibility for myself.  If I’m going to eat like crap and sit on my ass, I’m going to feel and unfortunately look like a person that eats like crap and sits on her ass.
What it has come down to, is that I have to foresee the offers and the peer pressure before it happens. Have my answer prepared. And keep making conscious decisions about what I do and what I make time for and what I put in my mouth.  Ha.
It is an obstacle I did not see coming. And it happens. All. The. Time.  I’m working on not giving sassy answers to friends/family when this stuff comes up. I mean, I don’t want to be a raging bitch to folks. The goal is to keep calmly standing up for myself and hopefully sooner or later it will stop. One decision at a time.

And to end on a happy note, here is a picture of my dog Jeffery.


CakeBallMel said...

so true... it's super frustrating and annoying...
super cute pupper!!!!

Kathy Lease said...

I applaud you for standing firm in your lifestyle change. I find that the longer I am on this train the less I hear "oh just one won't hurt". It's almost as if they will feel less guilty about eating crap if they can get you to eat crap with them. Sick and twisted! lol Keep standing your ground with a smile and everyone will see you are not going to budge.

Nikki Dee said...

Oh man! I can TOTALLY relate to this. For the most part the people in my life have been great supporters except for hubby's grandmother.

She is a food pusher. And she is a typical southern lady so she makes everything soooo unhealthy. Fried chicken, vegetables that have been boiled to mush with heaps of butter and cream. Ugh! And pecan pies, pumpkin pies, cake, biscuits etc etc.

And you know she is offended when you say "No thank you." *sigh*

samantha griffin said...

sound like MY grandma...maybe we're related! Now she's gotten to where she'll still offer, but at the end she adds on "but i know you don't want it"

...then stop offering!! haha i feel ya girl. Way to go with refusing it!!

samantha griffin said...

I know it! We'll get through it somehow I guess. And thanks! He's my bff.

samantha griffin said...

You are exactly right. Thanks for the encouragement! At first I wondered if it was worth standing up for myself, and then decided I wasn't going to let someone else decide whether I will ruin my hardwork.