Wednesday, October 17, 2012


"I'm not mean, necessarily. I'm just creative." 
-Jillian Michaels said this during the beginning of ripped in 30 level one
I laughed out loud.

Other than Jillian's attitude being slightly different in this video (compared to the only other video of hers I've done...30DS) there were some other differences like the studio--which is way easier to look at since it's darker with the brick walls and dark floor (strange of me to notice, I know, but the other one was just too bright) and there's some different strength moves in this one too.  

I'll be honest I was dreading it. Tonight was my first night to try it, and I was so burned out on 30DS that I was assuming this would start out being as boring as 30DS ended up for me after trying to do it a second time.  So holla! D1L1 RI30 is complete. And I didn't die. 

The reason this week is so big is because I've hit two milestones.

1. I'm officially down 20 pounds 
2. I can officially jog 20 minutes

twenty effing minutes. 

twenty effing pounds.

And I can honestly say I worked my ASS off for every minute I can run and every pound I have lost. 

These two things are HUGE for me, because not only have I never efficiently lost weight on purpose (I don't count having mono) but I have also never ran for more than 9 minutes at a time (and that was back in high school when I was forced to run a 9 minute mile to keep my cheer spot. bad memory. whatevs. high school is full of them)

I was really nervous about my c25k app jumping from the 8 or 10 minute run up to a 20 minute run...I thought it was a glitch. Is a day missing? Are these out of order? Why do I run 20 straight minutes and THEN do a 15 minute run the next time? Surely that's not right....and many other reasons why I shouldn't have to do it.
are you sure you know what you're asking for c25k app?

because you're probably asking for my resignation. 

And......I did it! It wasn't easy. Well the physical part wasn't that hard at least, I was uncomfortable but not in pain.  My mind would interrupt my running excitement with, "OMG, what are you doing? You need to stop NOW. You have run for 14 minutes already and I don't see how you're going to keep this up without the girl next to you having to administer embarrassing would that be!?" ...cue scenario in my head about how they'd contact my hubs and how everyone at the gym would stop what they're doing to stare in "concern" while laughing to themselves and thinking, serves her right for trying to run 20 minutes!! 

Then of course I checked my body--was I in pain? No. Could I breath? Yes. I was just uncomfortable...and that was something I was grateful for.  There was a time where running a minute made crazy thoughts enter my head and put me in a lot of pain.  I'm grateful that I can get to 20 minutes...and be just uncomfortable. Now I just have to learn to calm my mind, and I'm looking into meditative running....seems legit. However, I'm an anxious, panicky and organized person and all I do during running is think about what I need to do and when and who has pissed me off and why they suck and I shouldn't try with them anymore...
so clearing my head is realllllly tricky. Probably is with most people (women). I did it once without realizing it and I REALLY enjoyed running that time. I felt so much better afterwards. Like a person should have felt after  running. 

Then I found this article, and I thought it was pretty cool: 

On less of a serious topic, here's what I want for my birthday (Next month. On Thanksgiving day actually.)
a Mio motion fit petite. 

The Kroger in my town got a little make over. Doesn't this just make you want to buy some apples? I did. some green ones. 

Also, started eating these (...not for breakfast) there's peanuts and m&m's in them...and they're YUM. 


Jennifer Adams said...

WAY TO GO!!! i am so excited for you, that is an amazing feeling for your body to have pushed itself like that!!!! keep up the great work! i often have those same thoughts while running and i get nervous if there isn't anyone on the trail to revive me if i drop dead :)

Rebecca Stone said...

Congratulations!! I'm dreading that jump in the app, but awesome job sticking to it!

Susan said...

Nice job! And love the article. Thx for sharing.

Susan said...

PS... You've been nominated