Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Running update

I somehow didn't run for 6 days (WHAT?!) and when I tried last night it was awful. Just awful. I shut down my c25k app and just did my best because I was so down on myself. My attitude sucked. Sucked.

On a brighter note I did better tonight. I took a couple walking breaks to drink some water, but did the 26 minutes. (W7d2) I'm ready to try again tomorrow. I think.

I've seen this blog award thing going around, and I appreciate the nominations! I'll be posting about it soon. As soon as I'm actually at a computer and not posting from my phone at least.

Lastly, look what I found at Walmart tonight! I'm going to try it in the morning. Only 130 calories!

(Also, a picture of my pup snoozing)

1 comment:

Susan said...

Sometimes I have days like that. Let us know how that coffee is!