Wednesday, October 3, 2012

making plans, being happy and happy birthday grandma

welllll I've signed up for my first 5k.
 Form and fee has been sent in, now all that's left to do is keep running.
I had to blur out my return address, I didn't want any of you guys to come find me.

Also, side note, I chose this 5k because it's sort of close to my town and because it's to benefit a military museum ran by volunteers.  I work in a museum, so I appreciate what they're doing.

It's a strange feeling wanting to run, because I've always hated running (like most people) and when forced to run a 9 minute mile in high school (to be able to continue to be a cheerleader) it was one of the hardest things I'd ever done. I did it, with maybe 4 seconds to spare. Literally. 

Now days no one is timing me except myself, and that's a nice feeling. The only record I want to beat is my own, the only person yelling at me is myself (in my head of course, I don't have the stamina to actually yell AND run).  And let's be clear, when I say the word "run" what I mean is a 5-ish mph jog. I'm not a sprinter, and I don't know if I will ever be that. 

The great thing about signing up for this 5k is that when I turned 25 last November, I didn't think I'd be running AT ALL before I turned 26.  And now, I will be running a 5k right before my 26th birthday.  It's a good time to start I time better than the present I guess.

I have to say that all of this has made me really happy with life in general. My attitude is better towards myself and others. Not only do I feel better physically (it's a lot easier to run now than it was when I was 17 pounds heavier...and I can only imagine what it will be like when I'm 30 ish pounds lighter!) but I'm actually proud of myself for not only sticking to something, but sticking to something long enough to see results. I see my habits and my determination spreading to other members of my family, and that makes me even more proud of myself.

Also, an awesome thing happened. I took 2 rest days after September's hell challenge and I have not exactly eaten very well during those rest days.  It wasn't awful, but I wasn't as strict as I usually am. I got on the scale today to see that I'd lost two pounds.  Sometimes, your body needs rest and food. And that can be the hardest part--I was beating myself up over it only to find out it was a good thing.

Today I'm starting the shred again.

Yesterday was my grandma's 79th birthday. I took her out to lunch to this restaurant in the little town where I work and had the plate lunch. (Normally I bring my lunch...) Let's just say the corn on my plate had a pool of butter around it.  At that point, I had no idea how to log it and so yesterday became a food cheat day (see above paragraph where I said I wasn't being very strict...). Then at dinner, my family went out and I chose to have Hawaiian chicken because it seemed like one of the healthier things on the menu (see photo...sorry I didn't take it before I started to chow down) It was SO GOOD. I normally don't go crazy over any kind of meat... so me getting excited over chicken is saying something.

Also, here is my grandma looking adorable last night at dinner, with the scarf my sister knitted for her.

Happy birthday grandma! You're a wonderful lady.

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