Tuesday, October 9, 2012

eating and running.

So..I did this yesterday.  As in, I did exactly this. No pausing the app so that I could walk and catch my breath or rest my quads. No slowing the treadmill down or stopping.  I WAS SHOCKED. It was great.  But now that I've finished that, I looked ahead and saw what was in store for me, and quite frankly I'm nervous as hell. Next time is 9/3/9 (running in bold) then a freaking 20 straight minute run. Maybe this is self-sabotage...but I'm preparing for failure.  Whatever.  I'll get my head on straight by tomorrow when I run again.  I try to begin every time with an excellent attitude.  Sometimes that's actually harder than the run itself.

This week I'm trying to remember this.
In other news, my mom asked me for ideas for lunches she could eat at work....so I ended up taking photos of the different stuff I'm eating this week.  Figured I might as well share.  If you're a clean eater, you may be disgusted by all the processed stuff in the photos....you've been warned.

(Above) These are my snacks. The Clif bars are usually breakfast, and the smartones burgers make me not crave fast food. Below is an idea of what I'm having for lunch this week--honey/peanut butter sandwiches on the sandwich rolls with cracker chips, or a frozen meal. I also have some cherry tomatoes packed in my lunch this week....they're not pictured because I used them all packing my hubs and my lunch. I do it all on Monday (I work Tues-Sat....so Monday is my day to clean/run errands/plan)

As of right now, I'll complete the C25K program on November 5---just in time for my first 5K on November 10. Holla!!!

Weight update--I'm down a little over 18 pounds!


Lauryn Roth said...

Yum!!! Everything looks good!! That is awesome you are doing C25k!! I started it but stopped. LOL Congrats on the weight loss!!

samantha griffin said...

I'll be honest and let you know that this is my third time to try and get through c25k. Before, I only made it to week 2 or 3 and would get bored or frustrated and find something else to do instead. Hopefully I don't give up this time!! doing my best.