Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Running update

I somehow didn't run for 6 days (WHAT?!) and when I tried last night it was awful. Just awful. I shut down my c25k app and just did my best because I was so down on myself. My attitude sucked. Sucked.

On a brighter note I did better tonight. I took a couple walking breaks to drink some water, but did the 26 minutes. (W7d2) I'm ready to try again tomorrow. I think.

I've seen this blog award thing going around, and I appreciate the nominations! I'll be posting about it soon. As soon as I'm actually at a computer and not posting from my phone at least.

Lastly, look what I found at Walmart tonight! I'm going to try it in the morning. Only 130 calories!

(Also, a picture of my pup snoozing)

Friday, October 26, 2012

week of craziness

No, I am not dead or seriously injured. Just busy to the point I'm considering taking naps in odd places.

This is the first time I've gotten busy enough for it to effect my workouts :( sad day. And next week isn't looking any better.

I will blog soon. And reblog the questions and nominate other blogs for that award thing in my next post.
Until later.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Husband-approved healthy meal

This entire meal including my dressing and the fake butter I put on the potatoes was like 330 calories. Seriously. It was so much food I couldn't even finish it all. Rotisserie chicken, steam-in-the-bag potatoes, greens/cherry tomatoes with balsamic dressing, and steamed broccoli. Holla!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


"I'm not mean, necessarily. I'm just creative." 
-Jillian Michaels said this during the beginning of ripped in 30 level one
I laughed out loud.

Other than Jillian's attitude being slightly different in this video (compared to the only other video of hers I've done...30DS) there were some other differences like the studio--which is way easier to look at since it's darker with the brick walls and dark floor (strange of me to notice, I know, but the other one was just too bright) and there's some different strength moves in this one too.  

I'll be honest I was dreading it. Tonight was my first night to try it, and I was so burned out on 30DS that I was assuming this would start out being as boring as 30DS ended up for me after trying to do it a second time.  So holla! D1L1 RI30 is complete. And I didn't die. 

The reason this week is so big is because I've hit two milestones.

1. I'm officially down 20 pounds 
2. I can officially jog 20 minutes

twenty effing minutes. 

twenty effing pounds.

And I can honestly say I worked my ASS off for every minute I can run and every pound I have lost. 

These two things are HUGE for me, because not only have I never efficiently lost weight on purpose (I don't count having mono) but I have also never ran for more than 9 minutes at a time (and that was back in high school when I was forced to run a 9 minute mile to keep my cheer spot. bad memory. whatevs. high school is full of them)

I was really nervous about my c25k app jumping from the 8 or 10 minute run up to a 20 minute run...I thought it was a glitch. Is a day missing? Are these out of order? Why do I run 20 straight minutes and THEN do a 15 minute run the next time? Surely that's not right....and many other reasons why I shouldn't have to do it.
are you sure you know what you're asking for c25k app?

because you're probably asking for my resignation. 

And......I did it! It wasn't easy. Well the physical part wasn't that hard at least, I was uncomfortable but not in pain.  My mind would interrupt my running excitement with, "OMG, what are you doing? You need to stop NOW. You have run for 14 minutes already and I don't see how you're going to keep this up without the girl next to you having to administer CPR..how embarrassing would that be!?" ...cue scenario in my head about how they'd contact my hubs and how everyone at the gym would stop what they're doing to stare in "concern" while laughing to themselves and thinking, serves her right for trying to run 20 minutes!! 

Then of course I checked my body--was I in pain? No. Could I breath? Yes. I was just uncomfortable...and that was something I was grateful for.  There was a time where running a minute made crazy thoughts enter my head and put me in a lot of pain.  I'm grateful that I can get to 20 minutes...and be just uncomfortable. Now I just have to learn to calm my mind, and I'm looking into meditative running....seems legit. However, I'm an anxious, panicky and organized person and all I do during running is think about what I need to do and when and who has pissed me off and why they suck and I shouldn't try with them anymore...
so clearing my head is realllllly tricky. Probably is with most people (women). I did it once without realizing it and I REALLY enjoyed running that time. I felt so much better afterwards. Like a person should have felt after  running. 

Then I found this article, and I thought it was pretty cool: 

On less of a serious topic, here's what I want for my birthday (Next month. On Thanksgiving day actually.)
a Mio motion fit petite. 

The Kroger in my town got a little make over. Doesn't this just make you want to buy some apples? I did. some green ones. 

Also, started eating these (...not for breakfast) there's peanuts and m&m's in them...and they're YUM. 

Friday, October 12, 2012

unforeseen obstacles.

I’ll try not to go into detail for the sake of everyone, but I have found that there are people, and probably always will be people, who try to pressure you into falling off the wagon. Just for a meal, a snack, whatever, it won’t make that much of a difference (to them).  The sad part is that sometimes those people are your closest friends or family—but sometimes the fact that misery loves company trumps the assumption that these people want the best for you. 

I have to say that my husband, sister and mom have not tried to sway me once.  (Before I met my husband, he lost 60 pounds—so he knows what I’m going through) My sister has now jumped on the mama L wagon with me, and  my mom has made sure that when I go to her house there are things to eat there that won’t mess with what I’ve got going on.
It’s other people that, for whatever reason, think a “diet” is a short term thing to get weight off and then you quit it and be normal again. Almost daily I am offered (to the point of being forced) fried meat, buttered vegetables, soft drinks, desserts, fast food and the like. Me: constant refusal, being asked again and again, then more refusal.  Other people should not attempt to dictate what I eat...unless I'm asking someone to make sure I don't eat an entire pizza. Offering is one thing, badgering is another and there is a definite line between the two. 

I also find myself arguing with people about going out to eat with them.  I KNOW they are just trying to be nice. But a person can only take so much.  In my head, I think, oh really? You're making my decisions for me now? Thank you for letting me know there has to be something at whatever restaurant you've chosen that I can eat.  It's always a joy to eat salad (just an example) while I see other people with their cheeseburgers, pizza, or whatever. (and smell it and wish I had ordered it instead...)

The worst thing is when you hear these same people-- who constantly try to talk you into making bad choices-- talk about how they “really need to start doing something,” and the “how did you do it?!?” questions referring to your weight loss. How did I do it? I stopped letting folks like you sway my decisions and I started taking responsibility for myself.  If I’m going to eat like crap and sit on my ass, I’m going to feel and unfortunately look like a person that eats like crap and sits on her ass.
What it has come down to, is that I have to foresee the offers and the peer pressure before it happens. Have my answer prepared. And keep making conscious decisions about what I do and what I make time for and what I put in my mouth.  Ha.
It is an obstacle I did not see coming. And it happens. All. The. Time.  I’m working on not giving sassy answers to friends/family when this stuff comes up. I mean, I don’t want to be a raging bitch to folks. The goal is to keep calmly standing up for myself and hopefully sooner or later it will stop. One decision at a time.

And to end on a happy note, here is a picture of my dog Jeffery.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

w6d1 c25k

It's waiting for me to get off work today. Cue dramatic suspenseful music.

Trying to keep my confidence up. Rest assured I'll update you.

Next blog post will probably be about one of the unlikely struggles I faced when making these changes for the better. It was something I did not expect to be an issue at first, and by now it is something I have learned to avoid altogether or fix. It's called peer pressure. Might be a touchy subject. 

I'll tread lightly.

UPDATE (10/11/12 10:33 a.m.):
I DID IT! Seriously. I did all of it.  It was really awful towards the end though.  I may repeat this day again before I do the next one (20 minute run)...because it was NOT FUN in the last 4 minutes ish of running. I got a stitch in my side and my mind was saying, "please just stop. just stop. now. please?"

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

eating and running.

So..I did this yesterday.  As in, I did exactly this. No pausing the app so that I could walk and catch my breath or rest my quads. No slowing the treadmill down or stopping.  I WAS SHOCKED. It was great.  But now that I've finished that, I looked ahead and saw what was in store for me, and quite frankly I'm nervous as hell. Next time is 9/3/9 (running in bold) then a freaking 20 straight minute run. Maybe this is self-sabotage...but I'm preparing for failure.  Whatever.  I'll get my head on straight by tomorrow when I run again.  I try to begin every time with an excellent attitude.  Sometimes that's actually harder than the run itself.

This week I'm trying to remember this.
In other news, my mom asked me for ideas for lunches she could eat at work....so I ended up taking photos of the different stuff I'm eating this week.  Figured I might as well share.  If you're a clean eater, you may be disgusted by all the processed stuff in the photos....you've been warned.

(Above) These are my snacks. The Clif bars are usually breakfast, and the smartones burgers make me not crave fast food. Below is an idea of what I'm having for lunch this week--honey/peanut butter sandwiches on the sandwich rolls with cracker chips, or a frozen meal. I also have some cherry tomatoes packed in my lunch this week....they're not pictured because I used them all packing my hubs and my lunch. I do it all on Monday (I work Tues-Sat....so Monday is my day to clean/run errands/plan)

As of right now, I'll complete the C25K program on November 5---just in time for my first 5K on November 10. Holla!!!

Weight update--I'm down a little over 18 pounds!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

making plans, being happy and happy birthday grandma

welllll I've signed up for my first 5k.
 Form and fee has been sent in, now all that's left to do is keep running.
I had to blur out my return address, I didn't want any of you guys to come find me.

Also, side note, I chose this 5k because it's sort of close to my town and because it's to benefit a military museum ran by volunteers.  I work in a museum, so I appreciate what they're doing.

It's a strange feeling wanting to run, because I've always hated running (like most people) and when forced to run a 9 minute mile in high school (to be able to continue to be a cheerleader) it was one of the hardest things I'd ever done. I did it, with maybe 4 seconds to spare. Literally. 

Now days no one is timing me except myself, and that's a nice feeling. The only record I want to beat is my own, the only person yelling at me is myself (in my head of course, I don't have the stamina to actually yell AND run).  And let's be clear, when I say the word "run" what I mean is a 5-ish mph jog. I'm not a sprinter, and I don't know if I will ever be that. 

The great thing about signing up for this 5k is that when I turned 25 last November, I didn't think I'd be running AT ALL before I turned 26.  And now, I will be running a 5k right before my 26th birthday.  It's a good time to start I think....no time better than the present I guess.

I have to say that all of this has made me really happy with life in general. My attitude is better towards myself and others. Not only do I feel better physically (it's a lot easier to run now than it was when I was 17 pounds heavier...and I can only imagine what it will be like when I'm 30 ish pounds lighter!) but I'm actually proud of myself for not only sticking to something, but sticking to something long enough to see results. I see my habits and my determination spreading to other members of my family, and that makes me even more proud of myself.

Also, an awesome thing happened. I took 2 rest days after September's hell challenge and I have not exactly eaten very well during those rest days.  It wasn't awful, but I wasn't as strict as I usually am. I got on the scale today to see that I'd lost two pounds.  Sometimes, your body needs rest and food. And that can be the hardest part--I was beating myself up over it only to find out it was a good thing.

Today I'm starting the shred again.

Yesterday was my grandma's 79th birthday. I took her out to lunch to this restaurant in the little town where I work and had the plate lunch. (Normally I bring my lunch...) Let's just say the corn on my plate had a pool of butter around it.  At that point, I had no idea how to log it and so yesterday became a food cheat day (see above paragraph where I said I wasn't being very strict...). Then at dinner, my family went out and I chose to have Hawaiian chicken because it seemed like one of the healthier things on the menu (see photo...sorry I didn't take it before I started to chow down) It was SO GOOD. I normally don't go crazy over any kind of meat... so me getting excited over chicken is saying something.

Also, here is my grandma looking adorable last night at dinner, with the scarf my sister knitted for her.

Happy birthday grandma! You're a wonderful lady.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

wrapping up september and stuff

Well guys, I did it! Thirty days of daily circuit training are behind me. At the beginning I was so pumped—I loved how I could choose which workouts I did in the categories listed. But towards the end it got annoying and boring and more like a chore. Especially when it was date night or something, and I either had to do it beforehand which made getting ready more tedious…or had to stay sober enough to be able to do it after dinner. Unfortunately that isn’t a joke. I was okay with this at first, but on Friday September 28 (right there at the end) I was pissed off about it. If it wasn’t for my husband, I would not have been able to do this every single day. Thanks babe! I haven't worked out for 30 days in a row since high school. It was definitely a kick in the ass, that I needed.
On Sunday I decided to do C25K Week 5 Day 1. And holy hell. It was a close call. I only wish I was dramatizing this. Since I had ran for 6 minutes in week 4, running for 5 minute or 4 minute intervals in Week 5 was not scary to me.  I must’ve just had an off day—I couldn’t run for shit. I finished the entire thing, but I paused halfway  during run 2 and 3 to walk a couple of minutes. So it took me like 41 minutes to complete a 34 minute warm up/run. The important part is that I finished it.  Yes, it took me longer and I didn't feel good about any of it, I had to push myself harder than I have in awhile, and I was miserable the entire time...but I finished it! SURELY it was just an off day and I haven’t reverted back to the Samantha that cannot run.
That might be my worst fear (other than spiders and scary injuries...), to have come this far and all of a sudden find myself back where I started.
Now I’ve got October-December planned out. Yep. I’m a planner. My BFF thinks I’m related to Effie Trinket...whatevs. I just like to keep a schedule. October-December contains rest days, optional days (where cleaning the house, etc. can count) and running/30 Day Shred days. From October 17 until December 5 I’ll be doing a challenge with my fellow fit campers (#mlfitcamp), so my schedule I’ve made will fit in just dandy!
In other news:
Picked up my travel coffee mug from firefly on Monday! I think it turned out great. And I was really happy it came with a sleeve because ceramic mugs get kinda too hot to hold.
Yesterday I cashed in all the coins around the house at a Coinstar machine…$12.50! Wahoo! I used that to buy stuff to make my grandma some birthday cupcakes and some flowers (today is Virginia’s birthday! She’s 79, happy birthday grandma!!). I’m taking her out to lunch today and then my whole family is eating dinner with her tonight. Hopefully she has a great day.

Lastly, as I begin my next challenge which spans three months (what am I doing to myself?), I end this post with: