Tuesday, September 18, 2012

vacation photos

I could write an essay about all the great stuff we did in St. Louis. Instead, I'm going to just tell you that if you ever go, visit these three places:
1. Rooster's (crepe restaurant)
2. The zoo. It's free. No excuses.
3. A cardinals game. And try to get tickets to a box. (You're excused if it's not baseball season)
4. And if that's the case, go to Niche or it's sister restaurant Taste. (awesome food, crazy inventive drinks)

These photos are in no order, thanks to the blogger iPhone app.

First night there--in the elevator at the hotel <3
BJ's dessert at Niche 
My savory crepe at Rooster's
Brew Master tour at Budweiser 
Production line at Budweiser 
Reptile house at the zoo
Drink menu at Taste 
View from our box (round building was our hotel)
Slider's at Mosaic
My husband at Rooster's 
My dinner at Niche, first time to have Brussel sprouts (they were awesome)
Rooster wall art 

Beet salad? It was okay. I'm unsure about beets. 
My cute husband after his first cab ride that turned out to be a confusing disaster. 
More Rooster wall art. 
Fresh beer! 
Me at Taste.
Beer tour detail. 
We shared an ice cream cone at the zoo. We were that couple. 
BJ's tuna tartar at Mosaic 
St Louis Science Center. I think it's a reproduction.
Cupcakes from a Food Network Cupcake War winner. That's bacon on the top left. Holla!
Beer tour, where the hubs is actually looking at the camera. 
My drink at Taste (sidecar)
St Louis Art Museum. Beautiful! 
One of my favorites at the St Louis Art Museum. 
My chauffeur for the drive up. 
Sporting my $3 Budweiser sunglasses while waiting on the hotel shuttle. 
My dessert at Niche--peach pie (locally grown peaches!)
BJ's drink at Taste--Zombie Killer. 

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