Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I took the summer off from updating this blog.

I didn't plan to take the summer off, it just happened. I got busy, and this took the back burner. The very back burner.

But Labor Day has passed and summer is officially behind me (minus the summer temperature) and it is time to get back to blogging business. 

Really the reason I was so busy this summer is because of work. I had crazy trainings to attend and workshops to give and a house to handle since the husband is at school during the day and then working the evening shift. He helps when he can though!

Also as of today I've lost 14-15 ish pounds. (on purpose...don't worry I didn't get mono over the summer or anything) So that has taken up time.

My blogging interests have sort of expanded over the summer, and I must warn you that this blog may become more of a personal blog rather a "this is what I do at work" blog. you can leave now if you're alarmed.

This is me and the hubs at the Budweiser beer master brewery tour in St Louis this summer. We are both certified beer masters now. We have certificates to prove it.

Don't ask me why the fool wasn't looking at the camera.

Posts to come, I think:
  • How my paper proposal (my thesis)  got accepted into a conference in Pennsylvania and then how I declined.
  • How I taught some kids how to make butter and they got real grossed out.
  • How I learned self defense after being scared into thinking I needed to learn self defense.
  • How I taught a knitting workshop.
  • What I'm pretty sure people think of me in my department. (hint: I don't want to work outside, I don't smell like patchouli, and I can't identify snakes, birds and spiders)

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